Isabelle Rein



Ed Ruger




Leah Shteynman



Lissie Connors



Emma Sosa

Cullen Scheland

William DeBarba

  • Graduation: 2017
  • Major: Geology
  • Minor: Mathematics
  • Independent Research: Geothermobarometry of Glacial Outwash Sediment near Öræfajökull, Iceland
  • Excel Research: Using Icelandic Xenoliths to Understand Continental Nucleation
  • Life After Lafayette: Professional Master of Science in Applied Geosciences at University of Pennsylvania
  • RUMBLE Conference Abstract:

Leslie Tintle

Allie Nagurney

Amanda Leaman

  • Graduation: 2015
  • Major: Geology
  • Senior Honors Thesis: Silicic Origins in Iceland: Examining the Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Torfajökull’s Oldest Rhyolites
  • Excel Research: Thermal Expansion of Apatite and Pyroxene (mentored by Dr. Guy Hovis)
  • Life After Lafayette:
    • Survey Technician, Bureau of Land Management (current); GIS Technician, Great Basin Institute / Bureau of Land Mangement; Interpretation Intern, Student Conservation Association / National Park Service
    • Master of Science in Geology at Utah State University (in progress)