Tamara L. Carley, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Lafayette College

Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences

About Me

I am fascinated by volcanoes and magmas. The more unusual and out of place a magma is, the more enthusiastic I become. I am particularly interested in the origin of Earth’s earliest continental crust, the genesis and evolution of rhyolite and granite in Iceland, examples of extreme differentiation, and the development and destabilization of supersized magma bodies. I use accessory minerals, trace elements, radiogenic and stable isotopes, and geochronology to investigate these compelling systems and unravel their mysteries. I am privileged to work with talented undergraduates in the RUMBLE research group.



Ph.D. (2014): Vanderbilt University

M.Sc. (2010): Vanderbilt University

B.A. (2008): Whitman College


Contact Information

Phone: (610) 330-5199

Email: carleyt (at) lafayette.edu

Office: 101c Van Wickle Hall