Icelandic Adventure

Tamara Carley and her first Lafayette thesis student, Amanda Leaman (’15), are shown here at Austurhorn in southeast Iceland. Carley and Leaman spent 10 days together in Iceland, on a field trip co-organized by Carley for the Northeastern Geological Society of America.



Exploring the Land of Fire and Ice

“Students learn about the geology of Iceland while exploring one of the most beautiful places on Earth.” (Katie Neitz, Lafayette Website, Spring 2018; Photo Credit: L. Malinconico)




Every Rock Tells a Story

“Tamara Carley is a geologist, but she could also be considered a storyteller. And the tale she’s spinning is one that begins millennia ago and continues in the future.” (Lafayette Website, Spring 2016)


New Smart Geology Lab Reveals Minerals’ Mysteries

“Even a casual visitor can quickly see how this room brings mineralogy to life and makes it visually exciting—even thrilling.” (Lafayette Website, Spring 2016)



Why Iceland Formed So Differently from the Gentle Early Earth

“The study demonstrates just how different Iceland and the Hadean really are, but how similar the Hadean may have been to other environments that are more typical of modern Earth.” (Elizabeth Howell, Astrobiology Magazine, Fall 2014; Photo credit: Calvin Miller)


Meet the New Faculty

This fall, Lafayette welcomes nine new professors, bringing the College’s total to 212 full-time, tenure-track faculty members.” (Lafayette Website, Fall 2014)