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I am looking for conscientious and curious students to assist in conducting research in my laboratory. I am open to students’ contributions to the lab by volunteering their time, registering for independent study credit, or earning an EXCEL scholarship. No matter your RA status, students will participate in all aspects of the research process: literature reviews, stimulus design, data collection (i.e., recruiting and running participants), conducting experimental studies, data processing and entry, quantitative data analysis, dissemination of research results, and idea generation. Students will also read and discuss current literature and advance their professional development by developing graduate school materials. 

I will train you in everything you need to know about the current research in the lab. There are no specific requirements for joining the lab or how many months or semesters you need to stay in the lab. Ultimately I would like students to be intrinsically motivated, work carefully and responsibly, and are genuinely interested in prejudice research. You should also anticipate to work independently as well as collaboratively with myself and other research students. I want the research lab to foster growth in areas that help your educational and career goals.

If you are interested in joining the lab, complete the application (linked below), and send me a confirmation email at bellac[at] The password to enter the application is “Why not?” When sending your confirmation email, please add the month and year you’re applying to work and include your full name in the subject line (for example, if Phoebe Buffay wanted to work over the summer and start June 2019, she would add a subject line that reads “Bias Lab App for 07.19 Phoebe Buffay”). Please answer all questions, but do not answer the question that asks about your favorite restaurant, as this will help us with the decision-making process.

**NOTE: Be sure to double check your application once you have entered your data BEFORE you submit your request (to avoid having to submit multiple applications). Upon confirmation, application inquiries will be addressed within two weeks.

Bias Lab Application Survey