This week has been our best yet in terms of both attendance and stand-goer engagement.    We had 56 visitors to the stand this week.  Word about the stand is spreading, but there is still more we can do to advertise.  One possible way to attract more traffic is by working with the Easton Community Center.  We were able to meet Lance, who works with the Community Center.  Lance had some great ideas for getting people to the stand and encouraging them to hang around.

This week we were particularly excited about the amount of time people spent at the stand.  There seemed to be a lot more conversation than the previous two weeks.  The number of kids at the stand was also up this week.  Family friendly activities are a great way to boost participation.  People seemed interested in tasting the infused water Miranda brought to the stand, and the kids really loved playing with the bubbles.

We also received our first recipe for what will hopefully become the ViC cookbook!  One of the community members brought a recipe for a zucchini casserole.  We will try to display it in the coming weeks with the hope that it will encourage others to bring their own recipes to the stand.

In terms of produce, we noticed that we had an abundance of squash, zucchini, and cucumbers left over.  It may be helpful to try to coordinate produce expectations between our farmers and local donors.  Overall, week three was very successful!