This week was a hectic one!

I think it has just dawned on all three of our ViC interns that we only have two weeks of summer left- and a whole lot to do in that time.

Casey was on vacation for the beginning half of this week, and her assistance was sorely missed. The Urban Farm was rained out on Monday, so Jen and Andie worked an additional three hours Tuesday afternoon, after a hard morning at LaFarm. Casey returned to see sleepy smiles and tired arms from the busy week.

Jen and Andie presented our research on Wednesday, which required lots of prep, but was very well received. Curt, always the proud dad, took audible pictures throughout. We really appreciate all those who came out to support us.

All the work paid off, and the stand ran smoothly, although people have began cuing up as early as 4 for the 5:30 start time. The initial rush took 40 minutes, and depleted most of the veggies. The only things left at 7 were delicious cherry tomatoes and some green beans.

Best unintentional pun so far:

*standing in front of beets as a customer selects some to take home*

Casey: “I’m looking for recipe ideas! How do you normally cook those?”

Customer: “Beats me. I just improvise. Oh! Ha hah. Get it? ‘Beets me!'”

More, better puns needed. Come to the stand next Thursday, 5:30 to 7 at tenth and pine, and share your best veggie puns with us!!