The production at the Urban Farm is winding down as classes are starting up. Alexa and I began classes this week, so we had a lot more work on our hands. However, NIcole helped us gather a lot of first year students to volunteer for the week. Some of the students were involved in the POSP program with Sophia the week before. We are extremely grateful for all of the student volunteers, they were a huge help.

Although a significantly smaller amount of vegetables were harvested from the Urban Farm and LaFarm this week, there was still a lot of excess at the conclusion of distribution because a significantly smaller amount of people came to the Stand. Sophia suggested the decrease in attendance was due to most people assuming that the Veggie Stand concluded with the start of school. Alexa and I tried to tell everyone in attendance that next week is the final week of distribution. We hope to have a great final week.

Logistics of transportation, storage and hands to help were a large concern; however, by the end of Thursday night everything came together like it always does. Chef John was able to guarantee us plenty of shelf space in Marquis and Doc M. was able to help us get access to the Spot at the bottom of the hill. Alexa and I were able to have access to a Landis Van in addition to the crew team we had been using all summer. Joe was able to gather help with harvest at LaFarm Wednesday night, so that Alexa and I would not have to go there Thursday morning. We are very grateful for the work he did and hope that he can continue to harvest for us next week. With all of the volunteer help from Nicole, we were able to conduct the Veggie Stand with pretty much no issues.

Alexa and I handed out a survey for all the residents to complete this week to finish out all of our qualitative data collected over the summer. We hope the survey will give us insight into how to improve the Stand next summer. I have really enjoyed my work with the Veggie Stand this summer. I have learned so much about farming practices and food justice. I met amazing people of the Easton community and had a wonderful time all summer!