At the presentation of their Final Report in 9621333609_9b31c65f81_oDecember 2013, community leaders rallied in support behind the students’ ideas and hard work over the last year. We heard accounts that the Veggie Van helps parents to provide healthy meals for their children by providing vegetables in their neighborhood at no cost. We learned that, through the Veggie Van, children are able to connect lessons about nutrition, learned in school and at after-school care, with their home life and their diet. Community leaders explained that members of our community are eagerly waiting for next summer, when the Veggie Van would return again to the West Ward.

This program charges participants to solve injustice and improve public health by providing produce to the West IMG_5257Ward neighborhood of Easton. This vision, set by participants in the Tech Clinic program, is ambitious. It will require participants to be motivated to learn and apply new knowledge and information quickly. Participants will need to be adept at problem solving and creating innovative solutions. When I was asked to join the project team last winter, I knew that I wanted to be involved, even through I didn’t know exactly what I was getting into. That’s the power of a strong vision- it inspires and excites by shining a light on the unknown. Their vision empowered me to make a commitment to serving with my community and helped me to work through early logistical hurdles with our advisors and my peers on this project, Rachel and Alexa.

I’m excited about the progress we have had at LaFarm and I am looking forward to continuing the successes from last year’s pilot Veggie Van. Expectations are high and I am hoping that our team shares a strong common purpose that will help get us through the summer.

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