9781137501493My research is primarily concerned with the negotiating relationships between the past and the
present. My book, Narrating War in Peace: The Spanish Civil War in the Transition and Today (Palgrave Series in Cultural Heritage and Conflict 2015) explores the ways in which the narrative and discourse regarding the Spanish Civil War has changed in and surrounding four prominent cultural products: Agustí Centelles’ photographs, Jaime Camino’s documentary films, Picasso’s Guernica, and Antonio Muñoz Molina’s Civil War novels. I also recently edited a volume published in Hispanic Issues Online titled Perpetradores y memoria democrática en España that examines the representation of the perpetrator of violence as a reflection and exploration of what Spanish society thinks about human evil.

Recent articles:

“Multisensorial Empathy: The Skin of Memory in Almudena Carracedo’s El silencio de otros    (2018).” (with Cristina Martínez-Carazo). Hispanófilia 190.

“Fascist Space and Film: Spatial Practice and Ideology in El Valle de los Caídos (1963) and La sombra de la cruz (2013)” Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies 23:4 (2022).

“The Myth of Marisol in Twenty-first Century Cultural Production.” Revista de Estudios de Género y Sexualidad (previously Letras Femeninas) 44:2 (2019).   jgendsexustud.44.2.0063

“Recuerda que soy tu criatura: de ‘francosteins’ y su memoria.” Hispanic Issues Vol. 19 (2017): Article 1.

“Remembering the Perpetrators: Nationalist Postmemory and Andrés Trapiello’s Ayer no más,” Dissidences Vol. 5 (2014): Iss. 9, Article 13.

“Photojournalism and Memory: Agustí Centelles in the Transition and Today” Bulletin of Spanish Studies Vol. 91 (2014): Issue 8.