Extract 1788

“Extract from the Register of the Society established at Paris for the Abolition of the Slave Trade” (Translation by John Jay)

Convened April 22, 1788

Members Present:

The Duke de Charost The Count de Coustard St. Lô Pampelune
Du Rouvray De Valady De Monteloux
Carra The Duke de la Rochefoucault Esmangart
Marqs de la Fayette D’Hiéret Des Faucherets
Marqs de Condorcet Du Chesnay Brack
De Bréban Cuchet Blot
De Blair L’abbé Colin De La Villeneuve

The Assembly taking into consideration the approaching departure of M. Jean Pierre Brissot de Warville, Secy of the Society, for North America, where he proposes to collect the most exact Information relative to the Trade and Slavery of Negroes, have resolved to recommend in the most earnest manner, the Person of this Jean Pierre Brissot de Warville, to whom our Society owes the greatest obligations, and the object that he proposes to himself, to the Friendship and good offices of the different Societies instituted for the same purpose with ours, in America, and in England, and wherever else Providence may direct him. Resolved also that this Mr Brissot de Warville be instructed to establish between the said Societies and ours, a fraternal Relation and mutual Correspondence offering in like Manner to receive all such persons as may on their part be recommended to us.

[Signed] E. Claviere President