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Carrie Rohman is Associate Professor of English at Lafayette College.  Her research and teaching interests include animal studies, modernism, posthumanism, ecocriticism, and performance.  Her book, Stalking the Subject: Modernism and the Animal (Columbia, 2009), examines the discourse of animality in modernist literature, and she co-edited the collection Virginia Woolf and the Natural World: Selected Papers of the Twentieth Annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf (Clemson, 2011).  Her second monograph, Choreographies of the Living: Bioaesthetics in Literature, Art, and Performance, is forthcoming with Oxford University Press, 2018.  Choreographies of the Living examines the bio-impulse at the heart of all creatural aesthetics, and calls for a re-thinking of the artistic as a more-than-human capacity.

Rohman’s work has appeared in such journals as Modernism/modernity, Hypatia, American Literature, Mosaic, Criticism, Deleuze Studies, and in a number of edited volumes.   Rohman serves on the Editorial Advisory Board for the Series in Animals and Literature at Palgrave/Macmillan.  She has also served on the Executive Committee for the Development of Human-Animal Studies in Academia, under the aegis of the Animals and Society Institute, since 2005.