Chickpea (TM) Digital Signage

Chickpea (TM) is a system that displays information on active, configurable digital bulletin boards.  Built using React, it is easily extendable.  A method for displaying information on TVs was requested by the Computer Science Department.  The Chickpea Team of Alexander Andrews, Mirjan Neza, Wassim Gharbi, and Julian Binici created the solution in the Senior Project Class of 2019.

Chickpea Team from left to right: Wassim Gharbi ’19, Julian Binici ’19, Alexander Andrews ’19, Mirjan Neza ’19

The following 12 second video shows Chickpea in use at the Commencement Brunch of 2019.  Watch how the composition of the display changes with each picture.

The following 2.5 minute video provides a brief demonstration showing the ease with which the display can be configured.