Example Academic Tracks

Each mentor has shared their personal academic experience with Neuroscience at Lafayette and future career plans to give a general idea of the possible directions one can take within the degree path. If you would like to learn more about a certain elective, lab experience, or career trajectory, please feel free to contact us!


Class of ‘24

Emma Craig

Future Plans: PhD in Neuroscience

Electives: Survey of Biochemistry; Neuroregeneration; Neurodevelopmental Disorders; Cognitive Psychology; Organic Chemistry II

Campus Research: Gabel Lab – Effects of sulforaphane on autism phenotype in mouse model


Eloise Gacetta 

Future Plans: PhD in Neuroscience

Coursework: Psychopharmacology, Psychological Diagnoses, Art, Neuroscience, and Consciousness, Independent Study, Anatomy of Vision

Campus Research: Gabel Lab – Human dyslexia interventions


Kate McQuaid


Campus Research:

Future Plans: 


Lia Sendler

Future Plans: Masters in Biostatistics

Electives: Psychopharmacology, Survey of Biochemistry, Biostatistics, Human Physiology, Organic Chemistry II, Independent Study 

Campus Research: Reynolds Lab – Neurotoxicity of trichloroethylene in Drosophila


Maddie Pompy

Future Plans: 


Campus Research:



Class of ‘25


Mimi Eidelman

Future Plans: Pre-health, Research

Electives: Neuroregeneration


Grace Gallagher

Future Plans: Pre-PA

Coursework: Neuroanatomy, Intro to Neural Data Analysis, Psychopharmacology, Organic Chemistry II


Abby Harr

Future Plans: Graduate school

Coursework: Intro to Neural Data Analysis, Psychopharmacology

Campus Research: Hallock Lab – Sex-specific genetics and neurocircuitry of cognition in mice


Tess Stanley

Future Plans: PhD in Neuroscience

Coursework: Intro to Neural Data Analysis, Neuroregeneration, Independent study

Campus Research: Stawicki Lab – Effect of cilia mutations on sensory hair cell survival in zebrafish


Lauren Stewart

Future Plans: Pre-med

Coursework: Organic Chemistry II, Physics I, Neurobiology

Campus Research: Gabel Lab – Role of CNTNAP2 gene in epilepsy, neuron migration, and autism phenotype



Shreya Suresh

Future Plans: Pre-Health

Electives: Organic Chemistry II, Psychopharmacology

Campus Research: Hallock Lab – Neural mechanisms of cognition in mice