David was born on May 2, 2000 at 5:02pm into the loving arms of his mom and dad whose lives forever changed when they saw his beautiful face!  David was a cuddly baby who loved to eat and giggle-a perfect baby according to his pediatrician.  Through the years David hit all of his milestones on time (or before) and continued to charm his way into the hearts of so many.  We called him “the Mayor of Easton” because he loved nothing more than chatting with neighbors on long walks through College Hill.  As he grew and his personality developed we saw his humor, his focus, his creativity, his kindness and his stubbornness.

From an early age he loved all kinds of music and more often danced than walked to get places.  He listened to rock, rap, hip-hop, pop along with oldies, big band, musical soundtracks.  Playing DJ with the disco ball flashing and his laptop working is an image you can’t forget if you knew David.  And the boy could dance! He never had any qualms about that-he liked to move!

He loved to draw and has so many different sketchbooks and pads filled with creations.  Amazingly complex doodles were his specialty along with making up comic strips and drawing fashions.  He had a great sense of style, color and trends!  If you looked good he let you know and if you didn’t…well he wasn’t afraid to tell you!

His witty sense of humor could make children and adults laugh out loud.  He was incredibly smart and understood the world around him-he loved irony!

David loved to ride his bike, swim (especially in the ocean), read, go to the movies, play his Nintendo DS, play soccer, participate in Cub Scouts and travel.  He was such an inquisitive kid and truly enjoyed life with his sister (climbing trees) or watching Sponge Bob.  When he got sick in 3rd grade, he faced his disease with a strong will to survive.  But by 5th grade it was clear that science had failed him.  In his ten short years David lived bigger than most adults we know.  He filled every day with as much as he could and never spent time feeling sorry for himself.  He exuded grace, courage and hope right up until his last day and we were lucky to know him!  He did indeed Embrace Life and touched many people’s hearts.  We miss him every single day but know how thrilled he would be to see the National Crane Project continuing to move forward, spreading hope and beauty to other kids who are fighting the cancer battle.