Yes, that’s a tiger. And me. In close proximity. I’m telling it to stay calm.

A calmer day in Thailand than the tiger day. Hannah lived there for 3 months. We visited.

A cold day in Missoula, Montana. Sabbatical, Fall 2006.

Glacier National Park, F06. We hiked up from those lakes.

Sabbatical part 2, Spring 2007. London. Beatles. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sabbatical side trip to Barcelona with Rebecca. I love found math!

Stockholm for Anders Bjorner’s Birthday Conference, 2008. Happy Birthday, indeed!

In Cambridge, visiting at the Isaac Newton Institute. How cool is that?!?

I do like The Bean in Chicago. What’s with the name Cloud Gate? It’s a bean.

We’re in a glacier! In! Fox Glacier, New Zealand, Jan. 2011.

Key West is famous for its sunsets. Rightfully so. After the Boca conference, 2011.