I have now retired from my position as a professor in the Department of Mathematics. My research interests still exist!  They are in combinatorics (polynomial invariants), finite geometry (complete caps in AG(4,3), visualized using the card game SET®), and Cayley graphs. I have written a book about SET® with my family, Gary Gordon, Rebecca Gordon and Hannah Gordon (not alphabetical, but ordered by year of birth). My PhD was in non-commutative rings.  I used to frequently teach Workshop Calculus, and I taught theoretical math courses whenever I could.  I have also taught a WGS course on Gender and Science.

Brief bio: I grew up in Chapel Hill, NC, so I’m a Tar Heel born and bred. Go Heels! CHHS (there was only one of them back then) ’71. I got my AB from Mount Holyoke College in 1975, MS from UMichigan (78) and PhD from the University of North Carolina (82). I love biking, rock climbing, hiking, travel and music. My sweetie and mathematical partner is Gary Gordon; he’s got some family photos that are fun. Our two daughters are Rebecca and Hannah. Rebecca is a math teacher, and Hannah edits articles on the Kids Health part of Nemours Children’s Hospital website.

(The picture at the top of the page was taken when I visited New Zealand in 2007; Rebecca was a maths teacher there. The picture in the middle was taken in Yellowstone.)