Grace Comfort
EXCEL Scholar/Thesis Student

Who I am? 

Hello! My name is Grace Comfort (She/Her), I am from Macungie, PA. I am earning my bachelor’s degree from Lafayette College in Psychology (B.A.) and Anthropology & Sociology (B.A.) as a double major, part of the Class of 2025. I plan to use this research experience to guide my future career path to graduate programs specific to public and community health. 

What do I do in CHP? 

Currently, within the Community Health Psychology Lab, I work with Dr. Mann on many different research tasks, including helping to transcribe interview data, using NVivo to qualitative code data, learning to contextualize larger themes, and overall gaining experience with mixed methods through my work on the Healthcare Experiences and Needs of Non-Binary Adults Study (HENNA). Overall, I am looking forward to working towards an honors thesis and a more in-depth understanding of how LGBTQ+ identity impacts healthcare experiences.

Adriana Vergona
Advanced Research Student

My name is Adriana Vergona, and I am a student at Lafayette College, originally from Staten Island, New York. I am earning my bachelor’s degree in Psychology (B.A.) and Philosophy (B.A.). I hope to continue my research career by focusing on stressors and their health effects on minority groups. 

What I do in CHP


This year in CHP, I am working alongside Dr. Mann as an advanced research assistant in a study on LGBTQ+ adolescents and patient-provider relationships.