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Here you can find “Calls for Collaboration,” a hub for faculty, staff and organizations to share their collaborative ideas in search of partners across the Lehigh Valley. You can browse through existing posts to find a match, or submit your own “Call for Collaboration” using the form below.

The LVEHC welcomes collaborative ideas and proposals from across the Lehigh Valley, including from community members, educators, and affiliates at local public libraries and cultural institutions. If you do not already have collaborators in mind, we are happy to introduce you to potential collaborators we may know of and to help connect you to a network of community and campus partners. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime to discuss your ideas.

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Immersive Easton - a 360 dive into Easton’s recent past

Led by Assistant Professor Karen Ruggles, DeSales University
interns: Nikki Heckermann (senior, Computer Science major), Austin Kaplan (junior, Computer Science: Digital Art major), Jarod Fountain (senior, Computer Science: Digital Art major), Tony Antonelli (senior, TV/Film major)

Professor Karen Ruggles, DeSales University, and a team of student interns have started the Immersive Easton project this semester. Immersive Easton will feature archival images within the past 50 years and their current location captured in 360 degrees. Under Professor Ruggles’ guidance, the students are hard at work building the narrative of the experience, the mechanics of the interactions, and conducting research. The Sigal Musem, The National Canal Museum, and The Easton Library have been exceptional research resources that have provided pivotal guidance for this project.

The public will be invited to view the immersive experience via a virtual reality headset in late Spring/early Summer. The experience will be hosted at current partner locations including City Hall of Easton, Nurture Nature, and St. John’s Lutheran Church. Professor Ruggles would be happy to hear from your organization to consider partnerships to host the experience—she will bring all the tech and simply needs an open space (like a lobby or the front of a classroom) for up to 2 hours for the most amount of people to experience and enjoy.  Please contact her at to express interest.

Oral Histories - Lehigh Valley Apparel Workers

My name is Brian Alnutt and I am a history professor at Northampton Community College. I am in the very early stages of planning a comprehensive oral history survey of former workers, labor figures, (and perhaps management figures as well) involved in the once-thriving Lehigh Valley clothing manufacturing industry. This industry had been a major presence in the regional economy and provided primary and supplemental income for thousands of area families, and the effects of its rapid eclipse since the 1980s have not received quite the level of attention paid to the decline of steel, coal or other heavy manufacturing industries. My intent is to design this project in a way that involves undergrad student participation in compiling, interpreting, and presenting the data. I would energetically welcome collaboration by other Lehigh Valley colleges, museums, and institutions. 

For more information, contact Brian Alnutt (

LVEHC Digital Archive

One of the main outcomes of the LVEHC Mellon grant will be a digital archive of materials including oral histories, family photographs, business documents, historic maps, ephemera, material objects, and other primary source materials that bear witness to diverse ethnic and immigrant communities, emergent economies in the de-industrial era, relationships between culture and the environment, and other topics relevant to the main themes of the LVEHC. This digital archive will be a public, freely available resource on the internet for educators, scholars, students, and others who wish to explore transformations of the past half-century in the Lehigh Valley.  

The LVEHC is looking for community members to offer oral histories, photos, documents, or other items to be digitized for potential inclusion in the archive.  Depending on the capacity of LVEHC partner institutions, you may also donate items for permanent archiving and exhibition purposes.

For more information, refer to the LVEHC Digital Archives Information Sheet or contact Charlotte Nunes (

The History of the Black Experience in Easton
Currently a group of stakeholders from the Easton chapter of the NAACP, the Sigal Museum, and Lafayette College Libraries are mobilizing an effort to document this history of the Black experience in Easton.  Goals include creating an oral history collection, creating a digital archive of related ephemera, and launching a collaborative exhibition with the Sigal Museum.  If you are an educator who might like to connect with this group to propose a related course, or a community member from Easton or the Lehigh Valley at large who would like to contribute to or be kept in the loop about the effort, contact Charlotte Nunes (