Immersive Easton: a 360 view of the last 50 years

Immersive Easton is a virtual reality exploration of the changing landscape of Easton, PA over the past half-century. The project was successfully researched, photographed, programmed, and showcased by four DeSales University students. The students, with support and guidance from Professor Karen Ruggles, built a virtual reality immersive experience that highlighted Easton’s vibrant community over the past 50 years. Local partners such as the National Canal Museum, Easton Public Library, and Sigal Museum aided in providing archival images that were compared with 360 images and videos captured by the DeSales students. As of August 2019, the final VR experience was showcased at DeSales University, St. John’s Lutheran Church of Easton, Nurture Nature Center, and Sigal Museum.

You can view a recording of the experience below.


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