Dining Committee

The Dining Committee of LEAP is responsible for working with the Dining Services on campus to improve their Sustainability efforts. The two work together to ensure that the dining facilities on campus are used as efficiently as possible, and that the methods used in those facilities are resourceful and sustainable.  The Dining Committee also works to educate the campus community about the sustainable practices already in place in Dining Services.


– Representatives from LEAP and LaFFCo (Lafayette Food and Farm Co-Operative) met with Sarah Fried and Ashley Fabriziani, managers for Bon Appetit at Lafayette. We are working on a campaign to promote the use of reusable carry-out containers in all dining halls, potentially implementing a “for here or to go?” option in Lower, and specifically encouraging students to select the “for here” option! At the Earth Day Picnic on 4/22, we will launch our campaign to reduce the number of disposal carry-out containers that are used on campus. To learn more, please attend the next general body meeting. Email <gattia@lafayette.edu> to get involved in the campaign. 

– Students at Lafayette are working to start a Food Recovery program at Lafayette. This idea was initiated as an Engineering Studies research project under the guidance of Professor Cohen. This would involve students collecting uneaten meals from dining halls and delivering this food to local organizations such as Safe Harbor. This program would be separate from LEAP, but we are looking for volunteers to get this program through the Food Recovery Network and connecting with the Easton community. If you are interested in getting a pilot program started, please email Scarlett Jimenez <jimenezs@lafayette.edu>


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