Because the LCCME is made up of the most advanced instrumentalists at Lafayette, rehearsal cycles are usually much shorter. Emphasis is placed on individual preparation for rehearsals, and the often demanding nature of the music will necessitate a great deal of outside work. Students who perform with LCCME are strongly encouraged to study privately.

The LCCME has commissioned and premiered several new works: a list of these appears below. These works are by both professional composers and student composers. In addition to ensemble works, students will also perform small chamber pieces, such as sonatas or unaccompanied works.

Premiered Works:

Kyle Benson: Secret Glances*
Gavin Hobbs ’12: Theme and Variation*
Kirk O’Riordan: Mantra*
Kirk O’Riordan: Five Dreams for Five Players
Daniel Perttu: Auguries of Forest Dwellers*
Bill Pfaff: Tracery
Bill Pfaff: Beyond the Anchoring Ground*
Haruki Yamaguchi ’11: Continuous Uncertainty–Quartet*

*composed for LCCME

If you are interested in performing with the LCCME, please complete the form here or contact Dr. O’Riordan via the E-mail link to the right.

Here is a review of our March 10, 2011 concert: The Laf – Concert features original student compositions (pdf version).

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