• “High Bars or Behind Bars? The Effect of Graduation Requirements on Arrest Rates,” (forthcoming) Education Finance and Policy
    (Publication Link) featured in EducationNext, Summer 2020
  • “Does Closing Schools Close Doors? The Effect of High School Closures on Achievement and Attainment,” Economics of Education Review, 76, June 2020
    (Publication Link)
  • “War and Marriage: Assortative Mating and the World War II GI Bill,” (with TJ McCarthy, Jeremy Moulton, Marianne Page, and Ankur Patel), Demography, 52(5), October 2015
    (Publication Link)
  • “K-12 and Postsecondary Alignment: Racial/Ethnic Differences in Freshmen Course-taking Performance at California’s Community Colleges,” (with Michal Kurlaender), Education Policy Analysis Archives, 21(16), February 2013
    (Publication Link) featured in, February 2013
  • “Experiments and Quasi-Experiments,” (with Douglas N. Harris), in Brewer, Dominic J., & Lawrence O. Picus, eds. Encyclopedia of Education Economics and Fincance. SAGE Publications, 2014

Working Papers

  • “The Effects of the New Orleans Post-Katrina School Reforms on Student Academic Outcomes,” (with Douglas N. Harris) Under Review
  • “What Schools do Parents Want (and Why)? Academics, Extracurricular Activities, and Indirect Costs in New Orleans Post-Katrina School Reforms,” (with Douglas N. Harris)
  • “Socially Promoted, Academically Remediated: RD Estimates of Grade Retention Policies,” (with Jon Valant)
  • The Effect of Medicaid and CHIP Eligibility on Academic Achievement and Achievement Gaps
  • Out of Time or Out of Effort: What is Behind the Effect of Exit Exams on High School Completion” (with Paula Arce-Trigatti)
  • Peer Effects of Retention Policies: Evidence from Louisiana

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