This is the site of Timothy Laquintano. I’m an Associate Professor of English at Lafayette College and the Director of the College Writing Program. I teach classes on writing, rhetoric, writing technologies, and writing in digital environments. My research is primarily interested in how changes to technology affect media producers. My book, Mass Authorship and the Rise of Self-Publishing, was published by University of Iowa Press in 2016. It was the recipient of the 2016 Computers and Composition Distinguished Book Award.

I am currently on sabbatical and working on two projects. The first is a study of toxic media environments (from hateful social media sites to the workplace), and the second project is a collaboration with a colleague on artificial intelligence and the future of writing.

On this site you will find my CV and a dormant blog. You used to be able to find me on social media, but since I have difficulty tolerating the naked hatred on it beyond the research I have to do, I use it intermittently. Email is the best way to find me (pronouns: he/him).