Tax Prep Sessions

ALL F-1 STUDENTS, even those who did not earn income or receive scholarships in 2014 MUST file form 8843.  If after reading below, you determine that you do not need to file any additional tax forms, please print and fill out the 8843 and mail it to the address listed in the instructions.  Students who are required to file federal tax forms will instead send the 8843 with those documents.  Janine has some copies of the 8843 available in her office for pick-up if needed.


1. Students who earned income on or off campus during 2014, will receive a form W2 from each place of employment. Students who received a  scholarship greater than their expenses will receive a form 1042S.  These documents are needed to file federal, state and local taxes.  The Controller’s Office will be issuing some of these to students, so please check your mailboxes often.  Banks will also issue a tax document  called the 1099 if you earned interest greater than $10.

2. Students who receive W2s or 1042Ss may request an account from me for the Glacier Tax Prep software through this Qualtrics survey. Soon after Janine receives your request you will receive an email with your access code and an instruction sheet.  You will set up a login which you should keep to use again in future years so you can access prior year information.  Once you have an account, please note that you must have all your forms available to complete the process and while you are filling the information out online it will still need to be printed and mailed in as hard copies.  At this time, F-1 students are not permitted to submit tax returns electronically.

Glacier Tax Prep will provide some guidance on state filing requirements based on the information you  input, however you will need to attend one of the tax sessions listed below for additional information.


These forms are available online for printing as well.

For PA State Forms see this form

For Easton Local visit this page.

The Controller’s Office will be providing more specific information and is offering two sessions open to all class years on the following dates:


Tuesday, 3/10/15, 4:30-5:30, Hugel Science Center, Room 103, Jaqua Auditorium


Thursday, 3/13/14, 4:30-5:30, Hugel Science Center, Room 103, Jaqua Auditorium

*Some countries have a tax treaty with the U.S. meaning those citizens are taxed at a reduced rate, or are exempt from U.S. taxes on certain items of income they receive from sources within the United States. To see if your country is on the treaty list visit this page.

Please plan to attend since individual appointments with the Controller’s Office will not be accepted during busy periods.  Please email Janine with any questions apart from these sessions and she will try to get the answers for you if possible.

3. If you never applied for an SSN but were employed and received payment in 2014, please see Janine immediately!


If you are the recipient of ONLY a 1042S, it means you received some sort of tax reportable scholarship from Lafayette –  the form should be in your campus mail box), you are required to file federal but not state and local taxes using either a SSN or an ITIN (individual Tax Identification Number). Please, schedule an appointment with Janine as soon as possible.