This website brings together resources and links to current and future efforts at Lafayette College to enhance diversity and inclusivity in our STEM programs and beyond. This work is twofold:

Inclusive STEM Education refers to methods of teaching and mentoring proven to improve the learning experience for all students in STEM fields. These include but are not limited to: active learning; project-based learning; guided collaboration; and thoughtful course design.


Inclusive STEM Studies refers to classes and research that use social science methods (such as sociology, anthropology, women’s and gender studies, ethnic studies, history…) to contextualize and critique the processes and practices of STEM. The discipline of Science, Technology and Society (STS) integrates several of these methods.

The classes, programs, centers, and initiatives that address these two areas exist in various places on our campus; some are housed within academic departments, and most bridge several departments. This website serves as a common hub for these wideranging projects, and also serves as a virtual library of relevant research and other resources.

The Hanson Center for Inclusive STEM Education & Studies serves as a newly endowed, physical hub for these activities.