Curriculum Vitae


Charles W. Holliday, Ph.D.

Born: September 19, 1946, Alexandria, Virginia
Citizenship: United States of America
Military Service: 1969-1973, U.S. Coast Guard; rank at discharge, Petty Officer First Class (E-6: Marine Science Technician-1)
Married: 1971, to Patricia Anne Roseman; no children
Special Skills: Private pilot (airplane and glider, 1400 hours) with instrument and seaplane ratings and aerobatic training (Super Decathlon, CAP-10, Stearman and Pitts Special); NAUI certified SCUBA diver; excellent photographic and computer skills (Macintosh).


Ph.D.: 1978, Biology, University of Oregon. Dissertation, “Aspects of antennal gland function in the crab, Cancer magister.” (Publications 1, 2 and Best Paper Award, Western Society of Naturalists annual meeting, Santa Cruz, CA, 1977).

B.S.: 1968, Biology (Honors), Marietta College. Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society Freshman Biology Award, 1965; Messerly Biology Award, 1968.

Publications (link)


Professor Emeritus of Biology: 7/2012, Department of Biology, Lafayette College (Professor, 1995-2012; Assoc. Prof., 1987-95; Asst. Prof., 1982-87).

Teaching: 114 class sections (2660 students), distributed among: First Year Seminar in Biological Diversity (FYS 48), General Biology (Biol. 101/102), Introduction to Animal Physiology (102-03, w/lab), Invertebrate Zoology (201, w/lab), Human Physiology (251, w/lab), Cell Physiology (252, w/lab), Marine Biology (271), Radioisotope Techniques in Biology (299, w/lab), Comparative Animal Physiology (308, w/lab or seminar), Senior Seminar in Animal Physiology (410). In addition, 65 students sponsored for a total of 130 student-semesters of research (Independent Study, Biol. 391-394); 25 of these students went on to do Honors projects (Honors Thesis, Biol. 495/496; 21 successful theses sponsored to date). Teaching load: four or five classes each year plus research students as fortune has allowed. Student teaching evaluations averaged 4.20 (scale of 1, poor, to 5, excellent; Deptl. avg. 4.0); avg. class size was 22 students. Five awards for excellence in teaching (see below).

Research: Biology, physiology and systematics of cicada-killer wasps; branchial and renal Na, K-ATPase activity and osmoregulation in crustaceans, mollusks and fishes; surface and underwater feeding in salmonid fishes (see picture above, taken on the Gallatin River just north of Big Sky, MT). Science Citation Index, Web of Science and other databases show 501 citations of my 35 refereed publications from 1979 through 2011 by authors other than myself.

Assistant Professor-in-Residence: 1981-1982. University of Connecticut, Biological Sciences Group. Teaching: Human Physiology, Comparative Animal Physiology, Human Anatomy and Physiology. Research: Survey of excretory transport of organic acids and bases in the crustacean renal system.

Associate Research Scientist: 1978-1981. Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory. Collaborated with W.B. Kinter, B.M. Schmidt-Nielsen and D.S. Miller in studies of the physiology of cell transport systems mediating renal excretion of acidic metabolites, ion regulation in invertebrates and placental amino acid transport in mammals.

Instructor: 1978. University of Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, Photography; Southwestern Oregon Community College, Marine Biology.

Graduate Teaching Fellow: 1973-78. University of Oregon (Eugene): Ecology, Physiology and Diversity, Cell Physiology, Animal Physiology. At Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (Charleston): Invertebrate Zoology, Comparative Animal Physiology.

Marine Science Technician: 1969-1973. U.S. Coast Guard, Commander, Pacific Area, San Francisco. Airborne oceanography; took data for, produced and published monthly sea surface temperature surveys of U.S. Pacific coastal waters, 1971-73.

Scientific Societies: American Entomological Society, Entomological Society of America, International Society of Hymenopterists

Research Presentations:

Fifteen papers and posters presented at national meetings of American Society of Zoologists (now SICB), Federation of American Societies of Experimental Biology, International Union of Physiological Sciences and Western Society of Naturalists.

Sponsored twelve student paper and poster presentations at: Pennsylvania Academy of Science annual meetings (6 students); Thomas Jefferson University Sigma Xi Student Research Days (4 students, all of whom won competitive awards for their presentations); National Conferences on Undergraduate Research, 1992 and 1994 (3 students).

Twenty-three invited research seminars at twenty universities and colleges in the U.S. and Canada since 1978.

Two invited symposium presentations:
“Ion transport in crustacean gills: recent advances.” IN: “Membrane transport and control: comparative mechanisms” (Chaired by J.E. Phillips). Banff Satellite Research Symposium of the 30th Congress of the International Union of Physiological Seminars Sciences, Banff, Alberta, 1986.
“Cellular mechanisms of organic anion transport in crustaceans.” IN: “Cellular mechanisms of ion regulation in arthropods” (Chaired by D.W. Towle), Annual Meeting of Amer. Society of Zoologists, Louisville, KY, 1982.

Honors and Awards:

Thomas Roy and Lura Forrest Jones Faculty Lecturer, Lafayette College, 1988, given for excellence in teaching and scholarship.
Three Lafayette College Student Government Superior Teaching Awards, 1990, 1994, 1995.
Lafayette College Marquis Distinguished Teaching Award, 2004.

Manuscript, Grant Proposal and Text Reviews:

84 manuscripts reviewed to date for the editors of 25 journals: American Journal of Physiology, Biological Bulletin, Bulletin of Marine Science, Canadian Journal of Zoology, Cell and Tissue Research, Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Ecotoxicity and Environmental Safety, Entomological News, Estuarine and Coastal Science, Hydrobiologia, Journal of Comparative Physiology, Journal of Crustacean Biology, Journal of Ethology, Journal of Experimental Biology, Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, Journal of Experimental Zoology, Journal of Insect Behavior, Journal of The Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, Journal of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science, Marine Biology Research, Marine Ecology, Northeastern Naturalist, Physiological Zoology, Toxicology, Zoological Science.

Reviewed 42 grant proposals for: Environmental Protection Agency (20 proposals, STAR Fellowship Proposal Panel and Superpanel, 1997); National Science Foundation (17 proposals); Research Corporation (4 proposals), Pennsylvania Academy of Science (1 proposal).

Reviewed 18 texts, study guides, science encyclopedia (73 entries), publisher’s www sites or CD’s for: Addison-Wesley Benjamin/Cummings Publishing, Brown Reference Co., Cogito Learning Media, Harper and Row Publishers, Harcourt College Publishers, Jones and Bartlett Publishers, C.V. Mosby Co., Prentice Hall, Saunders College Publishing, and WCB/McGraw-Hill.

Administrative Experience at Lafayette College:

Program Director, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Grant, Undergraduate Biological Sciences Education Initiative ($600,000 budget), 1991-93.
Radiation Safety Officer (Biology and Chemistry Departments, USNRC license, College 1983-89, Alternate RSO 1992-95; Pennsylvania DER license, 1983-92).
Academic Advisor to 30-45 biology majors each year; graduate and health professions advising.
Easton Area School District/Lafayette College Science and Technology Committee, charter member, 1993-2000.
External Program Reviewer for Biological Sciences Department, East Stroudsburg University, May, 1996, and June, 2001.
Faculty Advisor to Kappa Delta Rho Fraternity, 1984-87; Chi Phi Fraternity, 1990-92.
Faculty Club Secretary, 1990-93; Faculty Club Steering Committee, 1990-94.
Faculty Consultant for student sexual harassment and assault cases, 1991-95.
Mediator, sexual harassment case, 1994.
Mentorship Program for African-American Students (charter member), 1999-2005.
Wrote and continue to update Departmental Handbook for Research Students, 1988-2011 (listed above with publications under “Handbook”); updated and maintained the Biology Dept’s. WWW page (, 1998-2012.

Service on 69 appointed or elected College committees since 1983:

Appeals Committee (tenure consideration), 1987.
Athletics Committee, 2002-05.
Biology Dept. “4/4” Curriculum Compliance Committee, Summer, 1998.
Biology Dept. Chemical Hygiene Committee, 1999-2008.
Biology Dept. Computer Committee, 1999-2012.
Environmental Science Minor Committee, 1993-95, Program Rev. Comm., 1995.
Evaluation of Instruction Committee, 1993-94.
Faculty Academic Policy Committee, 2007-08.
Faculty Compensation Committee, 1983-86; Chair, 1994-95, 2006-07.
Freshman Orientation Committee (Fall Focus), 1990-92.
Health Professions Advisory Committee, 1983-89, 2002-2011, Health Professions Advisor, 2004-07
Health Services Advisory Committee, 1990-93.
Honors and Academic Awards Committee, 1983-86, 1990- 93, twice Chair.
Interim Session Committee, 1988-89.
Neuroscience Program Advisory Committee, 2003-05.
Search Committees for 16 faculty and three administrative positions: Assistant Director of Admissions, Assistant Provost/Director of Research, Conservation Biologist (2), Ecologist, Experimental Psychologists (2), Geologist, Immunologist, Mathematicians (2), Molecular Biologist, Molecular Developmental Biologists (3), Technical Services Librarian, Vertebrate Anatomist, Vertebrate Biologist.
Science Building Renovation Steering Committee, 1996.
Staffing Advisory Council, 1991-92.
Student Appeals Committee, 1997-2000, 2008-11, twice Chair.
Student Honors Thesis Committees, 49 since 1983 (Biology, Mechanical Engineering, Neuroscience, Psychology).
Task Force on Academic Computing, 1986-87.
Women’s Studies Advisory Committee, 1990-92.

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