Chuck’s contact information:

Department of Biology yyy
Email: hollidac@lafayette.edu
Lafayette College Telephone: (610) 865-0442
Easton, PA 18042 Link to my Publications
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I’m a comparative animal physiologist and I taught and did research at Lafayette College from 1982 through 2012. From 1973 through the late 1990s I did research on salt and water balance in crustaceans (link to archive here), with a particular interest in salt transport by their gills and kidneys and in regulation of blood (hemolymph) volume; I also worked on organic acid transport by crustacean urinary bladder. Since 1990 I’ve been working with cicada killer wasps in the genus Sphecius, studying their biology, physiology and systematics (link to archive here) with my colleagues Joe Coelho at Quincy University and Jon Hastings at the University of Northern Kentucky.

I’m now¬†retired (7/1/2012), so, after grading a stack of short-essay blue-book exams 8 meters tall for 2660 students and mentoring 65 research student projects (21 of which resulted in graduation with Honors in Biology) at Lafayette College over the last 30 years, my teaching days are over. I hope to continue my research on cicada killer wasps using the Lafayette College and other populations of the Eastern cicada killer.

In retirement I’ve opened another area of research: stimuli provoking surface and subsurface feeding in salmonid fishes. The results of a successful 2014 experiment on Wyoming’s Shoshoni River are shown in the picture on the left; I was using as a stimulus a 1/8 oz. black Panther Martin spinner with olive drab spots. I’ve also taken up birding; pictures (link here) are posted on Flickr.