Where is the Hillel Society located?

The Hillel Society is located across the street from campus at 524 Clinton Terrace.

How many Jewish students are at Lafayette?

Approximately 10-12% (240-290 students) of the student population at Lafayette are Jewish in any given year.

Is there a kosher food option available at Lafayette?

Lafayette does not offer a regular kosher meal plan, but kosher-for-Passover options are available at the Marquis and Upper Farinon dining halls during Passover. The Friday night dinner and Bagel Brunches offered by Hillel are kosher style, usually parve or milchig. Most meat meals at Hillel use kosher meat. If you have other questions about keeping kosher at Lafayette College, please contact the current Hillel advisor.

Is there a Jewish studies program at Lafayette?

Lafayette offers Jewish Studies as a minor. Also because Lafayette allows its students to create their own major, students can pursue Jewish Studies as a major as well. To learn more about the Jewish Studies program click here.

Does Lafayette Hillel host a Birthright trip? 

While Lafayette doesn’t sponsor our own trip, we are always able to connect students with a trip if and when they choose to go. Lehigh and Muhlenberg have, in the past, invited Lafayette students to join them on their trips, but students may go on any trip they find! Several of our board members have been on birthright and would love to answer any questions about it. 

What does Hillel do for the High Holidays?

For both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur we offer rides down to the local Reform and Conservative Synagogues for services. Hillel also sponsors a large dinner at the start of Rosh Hashanah, a large dinner before Kol Nidre, and a break-the-fast. For more information about the local synagogues and communities click here.

How can I donate to Hillel?

Hillel gladly accepts donations to support the facilitation of our many annual events and continue to strengthen and connect our community.  Here are a couple of options.

  1. Go to this page for the donation link.  Select “Areas of your choice,” then scroll down and check off “Hillel Society.”   
  2. If you’d prefer to write a check, you can send one made out to the Lafayette College Hillel Society to the Development Office.  You can also reach out to the Development Office directly if you have other questions.
  3. In a pinch, you can also send a check to the Hillel House address (524 Clinton Terrace, Easton PA 18042).  Someone will get the check and take it to the Development Office.