Group News!

Congratulations to Liza Welch for giving an excellent departmental talk on her research!

Prof. Hendrickson presented a poster the Gordon Research Conference on Computational Chemistry in July 2018. At the conference, she was able to meet up with new friends, Dr. Togo Odbadrakh and Prof. Dmytro Kosenkov, from the MERCURY Consortium! She also talked with old friends from her graduate and postdoctoral studies, including  Prof. Victor Batista and Subhajyoti Chaudhuri (a graduate student in the Batista group) as well as Prof. Frank Vazquez (a former Geva group member)! It was great to hear about the ways their research interests and ideas have evolved over time, as well as how their work is contributing to our fundamental understanding of chemistry!


Zahra Gandhi and Ella Kaplan presented their work on identifying the binding sites in G-protein coupled receptors at the Mercury Conference 2018, held at Furman University in Greenville, SC. Their presentation was fantastic, and we were able to obtain valuable insights and advice from the questions asked by other conference attendees!

Prof. Hendrickson, Ella Kaplan, and Zahra Gandhi attended the MolSSI coding workshop prior to the Mercury Conference 2018. Thanks to Prof. Theresa Windus, Prof. Paul Nerenberg, and Prof. Aurelia Bell for putting together such an excellent workshop!

Congratulations to Ella Kaplan for giving a fantastic departmental talk on her research!

Congratulations to Zahra Gandhi for giving a spectacular departmental talk on her research!