Prints are arranged chronologically in twelve boxes as listed below.  The contents of one oversize flat file drawer appear at the end of the inventory.  Further information on individual plate and sheet dimensions, artist’s notes, and collaborators is available at the repository.  Two hundred of these titles link to full size images and are also featured in the Gallery of Selected Master Prints.

Miniature GolfDate                          Title                                                           Medium

1949 Sailors lithograph
1949 Walking to Temple lithograph
1949 Seated Man lithograph
1949 Penobscot Bay, Maine lithograph
1949 New York, West Side Landscape lithograph
1949 New York – Tunnel lithograph
1963 Reading Tree etching
1964 Block Island Candy Store drawing
1966 Mr. Flamme’s Hands etching
1967 The Bathrobe etching
1967 Stockholder’s Meeting etching
1968 Umpire etching with sugar lift
1968 Jessica, Amy and Bonnie etching
1968 Portrait etching
1968 Wrestling etching
1968 Amish Boy etching
1968 Carrie etching
1969 Garage etching
1969 Sledding at Baltusrol etching
1969 The Secret etching
1969 Nude etching
1969 The Dealer etching
1960s Holly Dolly etching with rolled color
1960s American Sculpture etching with hand coloring
1960s Ella etching with hand coloring
1960s Hasidic Family, Monticello, NY etching
1960s Flowers etching
1960s Tidal Pool, Monhegan etching
1960s Outpatients Clinic etching
1960s The Mother (Vietnam) etching
1960s Grandma etching
1960s Nude etching
1960s Sleeping Child etching
1960s Picking Berries etching
1960s The Sofa etching
1960s The Convention etching
1960s The Shell etching
1960s Old Woman Dressing etching
1970 Surf Hotel etching
1970 Amish Women etching
1970 Fitting Room at Loehmann’s etching with hand coloring
1970 Ocean Friends etching
1970 Doll House etching with hand coloring
1970 Who ate the Bluebird of Happiness? seragraph
1970 Some of my best friends are homosapiens seragraph
1970 Balls! seragraph
1970 Polo – Saratoga etching with hand coloring
1970 Duet etching
1970 Friends – Block Island etching
1971 The Party etching
1971 Life Cycle etching with rainbow roll
1971 Portrait of Helen etching
1971 Bulldog Competition etching
1971 Hillie’s House – Block Island etching
1971 Screen Door, Holly – Block Island etching
1971 Ellis Island etching
1971 For Holly etching
1972 Three Women etching
1972 Yellow Dresser – Block Island etching
1972 Holly Braiding etching
1973 Rock of Ages etching
1973 Kings Spa B.I. etching
1973 Swimming etching
1973 Family etching
1973 Lovers etching
1973 Frankie Darling etching
1973 Left Handed Banjo Player etching
1973 Sauna etching
1974 Empire Theater etching
1974 Upstairs Window B.I. etching
1974 Living Room B.I. etching
1974 Slots etching
1974 Plant Stand etching
1974 Outdoor Shower etching
1974 Frankie Darling etching
1974 Surf Hotel etching with hand coloring
1974 Rotary etching
1974 Birdwatcher etching
1974 Bulkhead etching
1974 Nude etching
1974 Picnic at Burnt Mills Road etching
1974 B.I. Shower etching
1974 Binoculars etching
1974 Recital etching
1974 Deaf Child etching
1974 Pansies etching
1974 Nancy Franklin etching
1974 Block Island Stone Wall etching
1974 Empire Theater – Block Island etching
1974 Cafeteria Woman etching
1974 Cat In The Window – Block Island etching
1974 Surf Hotel – Block Island etching
1974 Living Room Block Island etching
1974 Outside Shower, Block Island etching
1974 Shamrock House – Block Island etching
1975 Dentist etching
1975 Races in Rain Saratoga etching
1975 Fitting Room etching
1975 Doll Collection etching
1975 Saratoga Track etching
1975 Heffer etching
1975 Ice Cream Cones etching
1975 Block Island etching
1975 Camp etching
1975 Pansy etching
1975 Gramma & Sculpture etching
1975 Quilt Collection etching
1975 Children’s Orchestra etching
1975 Frankie Darling etching
1975 Doll Collection etching
1975 Beach Scene etching with hand coloring
1975 Mr. Flamme etching
1975 Rainy Day – Saratoga etching
1975 Fasig-Tipton Horse Auction etching
1975 Saratoga Italiante etching
1975 Absent etching
1975 Family Collage etching
1975 Surf Hotel B.I. etching
1975 Saratoga Track etching
1976 Rail Birds etching
1976 Brooklyn Bridge etching
1976 Museum Guard etching
1976 Loehman’s Fitting Room etching
1976 Merry Go Round etching
1976 Bonsai etching
1976 Stoop etching
1976 Grandma’s Teeth etching with hand coloring
1976 Manicure etching
1976 Saratoga Track etching
1976 Barneys etching
1976 Two Birdwatchers etching
1976 Birthday Party etching
1976 Laundry etching
1976 4:30 Class etching with hand coloring
1976 Block Island Album etching
1976 Rail Birds etching
1976 Summer etching
1976 Steam Bath etching
1976 Untitled etching
1976 Chinese Vegetable Store etching
1976 Noah’s Ferry etching
1976 Candy Store etching
1976 Finters Up To Date Racing Machine etching
1976 Carousel etching
1977 Tree House etching with hand coloring
1977 Monopoly etching
1977 Artist’s Family, June 1977 etching
1977 Belmar etching
1977 Morning etching
1977 Friends etching
1977 Paddock etching
1977 476 Richmond Ave. etching
1977 Wool etching
1977 Antique Baseball Cards etching
1977 Meeting of the Wildflower Club etching
1977 Audrey’s Baskets etching
1977 Two Shells – Block Island etching
1977 Recital etching
1977 Concert In The Park etching
1977 House of Cards etching
1977 Sheep etching
1977 Phila. Street etching
1977 Line to Ladies Room etching
1977 Cellar Window etching
1977 Sheep etching
1977 Adirondacks etching
1977 Holly etching
1977 Sewing Box etching
1977 Saratoga Couple etching
1977 Road to Syracuse etching
1977 Jon’s Harmonica etching
1977 Souvenir etching
1977 My Neighbor etching
1977 Goats etching
1977 The Mother etching
1977 Box Seats etching
1977 Arrived I etching
1977 Breakfast at the Track etching
1978 3 Jockeys etching
1978 Artist etching
1978 Dress Up etching
1978 Parochial School etching
1978 Juke Box etching
1978 Phila Street Saratoga etching
1978 Three Sisters etching
1978 Wedding etching
1978 Flower Show etching
1978 Two Jockeys – Saratoga etching
1978 Miss Gertrude Stein and Her Life-Long Companion Alice B. Toklas etching
1978 Goodbye to Radio City etching
1978 Canfield Casino – Saratoga etching
1978 Bronx Zoo etching
1978 Cat In Laundry etching
1978 Bronx etching
1978 Frankie etching
1978 Breakfast at Saratoga etching
1978 Ellis Island Study etching
1978 476 Richmond – Furnace etching
1978 Doll Collection – Holly’s Shoes etching
1978 Skidmore – Class of 1922 etching
1978 Resting Dancer – Saratoga etching
1978 Resting etching
1978 Juke Box etching
1978 Holly with Nessie drawing with oil pastel
1978 Pop & Sebastian etching
1978 Susan etching
1978 Shower Room etching
1979 Dress Up etching
1979 Radiator etching
1979 Steam Room etching
1979 Public Beach etching
1979 Miriam etching
1979 Cable Car etching
1979 Fortune Cookie etching
1979 Backyard etching
1979 Blind Man Feeling The Sculpture (MOMA) etching
1979 Charleston House Tour etching
1979 Golf etching
1979 After Sozan etching
1979 Jimmy etching
1979 Sweet Pea etching
1979 Charleston etching
1979 Beach Scene etching
1979 Jack etching
1979 Doll Carriage etching
1979 San Francisco etching
1979 Irises etching
1979 Betsy’s Room – Block Island etching
1979 San Francisco etching
1979 Mexican Breakfast etching
1979 Hooverville – Newark etching
1970s Jump Rope etching
1970s Cut Glass Bowl etching
1970s Bass Player etching
1970s Challah etching
1970s Grandma in Museum etching
1970s Connie’s Baskets etching
1970s The Nest etching
1970s Installation of New Officers etching
1970s Screen Door etching
1970s Pool etching
1970s Bart in Window etching
1970s Danny’s Boots etching
1970s Gum etching
1970s Alice etching
1970s Monhegan Island etching
1970s Me on the Pony etching
1970s Facades etching
1970s Conversation etching
1970s Basket of Apples etching
1970s Doll House etching
1970s Paper Boy etching
1970s Cat in Window etching
1970s Wicker etching
1970s Birdwatcher etching
1970s Bathers etching
1970s Surf Hotel – B.I. etching
1970s Bandstand etching
1970s Roxy etching
1970s Holly etching
1970s Beauty etching
1970s Olympic Park etching
1970S Bessie etching
1970s Old Trolley etching
1970s Friends etching
1970s The Swing etching
1970s New Dress etching
1970s Hillie’s Rocker etching
1970s Outdoor Movies etching
1970S Sauna etching
1970s Holly & Cindy etching
1970S Barber Shop etching
1970s The Nun etching
1970s Doll Houses etching
1970s Rockers of Love etching
1970s Grandma Teeth etching
1970s The Team etching
1970s The Knight etching
1970s Mr. Flamme and Sculpture etching
1970s Doll House etching
1970s Heat in Springfield etching
1970s Men’s Sauna etching
1970s Combing etching
1970s Saratoga – Rainy Day I etching
1970s Saratoga – Rainy Day II etching
1970s Saratoga Track etching
1970s Saratoga Hotel etching
1970s Yearling Sale etching
1970s Roger etching
1970s Grandma etching
1970s Parade etching
1970s Yoga Class etching
1970s Omar etching
1970s Jock etching
1970s Basket of Apples etching
1970s Trolley etching
1970s The Tour – Newport etching
1970s Horse Shoes etching
1970s Reading on the Beach etching
1970s The Unmade Bed etching
1970s Seashore House – Cape May etching
1970s National Hotel etching
1970s Game of Chance etching
1970s Men Talking About Women etching
1970s The Catcher etching
1970s The Dresser (Block Island) etching
1970s Door – North Haven, Maine etching
1970s Figurehead etching
1970s Thoughts of Youth Are Long, Long, Thoughts etching
1970s Holly Dolly etching
1970s Cut Glass Bowl etching
1970s Football Team (Friends & Family) etching
1970s Doll Collection etching
1970s Belmar (Three Women) etching
1970s Victoria etching
1970s Panorama – Block Island etching
1970s Roger – Soccer etching
1970s The Yellow Dress etching
1970s The Figurehead etching
1970s Cut Glass Lamp etching
1970s Red Wing Black Birds – Block Island etching
1970s Three Baseball Players etching
1970s Hawk Mountain etching
1970s Cards etching
1970s 4H Flower Show etching
1970s Bronx Zoo etching
1970s Shower Room etching
1970s Dot Boehm – Neighbor etching
1970s Amish Schoolhouse etching
1970s Untitled etching
1970s Block Island Memories etching
1970s Block Island Light etching
1970s Block Island Wicker etching
1970s Ellis Island etching
1970s Jail House, Connecticut – Norwich etching
1970s Doors & Windows etching
1970s Tourists In Newport etching
1970s Men’s Boutique etching
1970s Museum etching
1970s Cow’s Pelvis etching
1970s Coats etching
1970s After Muybridge etching
1970s Route 22 etching
1970s The Mattress etching with collage
1970s Atlantic City I etching
1970s The Seven Ages of Man etching
1970s Lockers in Belmar etching
1970s The Knitter etching
1970s Black Jack – Atlantic City etching
1970s Spring Comes to the Yeshiva monotype
1970s Ellis Island – Arrived etching
1970s Ocean View etching
1970s Grandma etching
1970s Cruet etching
1970s Stag Line etching
1970s Untitled etching
1970s Morning Light aquatint on steel
1970s Dress Up etching
1970s Woman with the Owl etching
1970s High School Reunion etching
1970s Arches, Elizabeth, New Jersey etching
1970s Boy With The Feather etching
1970s Paper Boy – Rog etching
1970s Holly – The Window – North Haven, Maine etching
1970s The Team etching
1970s Untitled woodcut
1970s The Shell – Rog woodcut
1970s Sore Foot – Holly woodcut
1970s Summer – Screen Door – Holly etching
1980 Ice Cream etching
1980 Terrace in Acapulco etching
1980 The Photographer etching
1980 Braiding etching
1980 Fur Stole etching
1980 Slots II etching
1980 Croupier etching
1980 Greek Diner etching
1980 Violin Lesson etching
1980 The Conductor etching
1980 Violinist etching with hand coloring
1980 Acapulco Kids etching
1980 Atlantic City etching
1980 Pulaski Skyway etching
1980 Sunday in San Gerolamo etching
1980 Suitcase etching
1980 Hilda’s Cellar etching
1980 The Balcony of the Blue Coast etching
1980 Architecture – New Mexico etching
1980 National Parks etching
1980 Revolcadero Beach etching
1980 Two Girls a la poupée
1980 NY Philharmonic at Saratoga etching
1981 Ballet Shoes etching
1981 Holly etching
1981 Nude Man Walking in the Fog in Michigan etching
1981 The Path – Saratoga etching
1981 Philadelphia Orchestra etching
1981 Aerobics etching
1981 Greenberg Bakery etching
1981 Camille etching
1981 Apple Seller etching
1981 Back Hall etching
1981 Ocean Sky etching
1981 Banff and Lake Louise etching
1981 Morning Rider etching with rainbow roll
1981 Hotel-Mexico City etching
1981 Memorial Day Parade Springfield etching
1981 Saratoga Grandstand etching
1981 Breakfast at the Track etching
1981 Jessica Amy Bonnie etching
1981 Mexico etching
1982 Brighton etching
1982 Lead Ponies etching
1982 Mexico Rolls etching
1982 Mrs. London’s – Saratoga etching
1982 Tea etching
1982 English Garden etching
1982 Picnic etching
1982 Spring etching
1982 Salisbury Market etching
1982 Edinburgh etching
1982 Hats etching
1982 Miniature Golf etching with hand coloring
1982 Patchwork Quilt etching
1982 Dress Up in Pink etching
1982 Jazz Man etching
1982 Pecks Pigs etching
1982 Mexico Lady etching
1982 Nude Beach etching with hand coloring
1982 Cat in the Bag etching
1982 Friends etching
1982 Fitting Room Loehmanns etching
1982 Janet’s Mother etching
1983 Belmar etching
1983 Women on the Beach etching
1983 Picnic etching
1983 The Smock etching
1983 Boston Museum etching
1983 Lemon Meringue Pie etching
1983 Saratoga Concert etching
1983 Ellis Island etching
1983 Entrance to the Ferry Slip, Hoboken etching
1983 Balanchine Rehearsal etching
1983 Shelling etching
1983 New York Skyline from Hoboken etching
1983 Erie – Lackawanna, Hoboken etching
1983 Party in Hoboken etching
1983 Wall Street etching
1983 Tuileries etching
1984 Pub etching
1984 Finter’s Up To Date Racing Horses etching
1984 Finish Line From Track etching
1984 Finish Line – From the Grandstand etching
1984 Epcot – The Line etching
1984 Toast etching with hand coloring
1984 Sweet Pea in the Doll House etching
1984 Sack Race etching
1984 Aunt May’s Hats etching
1984 My Bookcase etching
1984 Wedding Reception etching
1984 Sauna etching
1984 Foal etching
1984 Sweet Pea in the Laundry etching
1984 Roger’s Laundry etching
1984 Metropolitan Museum of Art etching
1984 Saratoga August etching
1984 Rabbi’s Study etching
1984 Our Bookcase – Meisel Ave. – Springfield, NJ etching
1984 New York Stock Exchange etching with hand coloring
1984 The Metropolitan Museum of Art etching
1985 Ocean etching
1985 Ruby Painting etching
1985 July 4th etching with collage
1985 The Kite etching
1985 Nancy’s Painting Workshop in the Grand Tetons etching
1985 Jen’s Porch etching
1985 Fossil From the Green River Formation of the Colorado River etching
1985 Forsythia – Metropolitan Museum etching
1985 Saratoga Workout a la poupée
1985 The Red Chair etching
1985 Orange Peel etching
1985 Beach Haven etching
1985 The Wave etching
1985 Jardiniere etching
1985 Grolier Book Store etching
1985 Flea Market (Englishtown) etching
1985 Saratoga Railbirds a la poupée
1985 Greetings From Yellowstone National Park etching
1985 Atlantic City etching
1985 Garden State Body Building Championship III etching
1985 Owners and Jockeye etching
1985 Packages of Seeds etching
1986 Isadora I etching
1986 Dress Up II etching
1986 Street in N’Orleans etching
1986 Fancy Fruit Basket etching
1986 The Celebrated Couch of Sigmund Freud etching
1986 Fred Astaire’s Shoes etching
1986 Peter Martin’s Rehearses etching
1986 Manhattan Garden a la poupée
1986 Isadora II etching
1986 Afternoon Class etching
1986 Homage to Two Henris etching
1986 Tattnall Street Savannah etching
1986 China Closet etching
1986 First Generation a la poupee
1986 Garden State Body Building Championship I etching
1986 Garden State Body Building Contest etching
1986 Doll Carriages etching
1986 Susan at Saratoga etching
1986 Great Ladies of the Theater etching
1986 Barychnikov Sketch Book etching
1986 Great Ladies of American Modern Dance poster
1987 Remember Olympic Park etching
1987 New York Stock Exchange etching
1987 View of NY from Hoboken etching
1987 Grand Staircase, Met etching
1987 Binoculares etching
1987 Dog Obedience Class etching
1987 Women In The Lobby – Met etching
1987 The Men’s Shop II etching
1987 Ireland etching with hand coloring and embossment
1987 Party Dress etching
1987 Corset Store etching
1987 Young Dancer etching
1987 The Hat etching
1987 Untitled [Rehearsal] etching
1988 Baby Clothes etching
1988 Winter Ocean etching with hand coloring
1988 David etching
1988 Cats in the Colosseum etching with hand coloring
1988 Stamp Collection etching with collage
1988 Sistine Chapel etching
1988 Outdoor Shower monotype with a la poupée
1988 Seltzer a la poupée
1988 Legends etching with watercolor
1988 Met Lobby etching
1988 Asbury Park etching
1988 Greetings From Newark etching
1988 Dance at the Met etching with collage
1988 American Beauty etching with watercolor
1989 Flatiron Building etching
1989 Fanny Farmer Continental Assortment etching
1989 France etching
1989 Lawyers – After Daumier etching
1989 The Deposition (Philip Frank) etching
1989 Pete, Woody, and Leadbelly etching
1989 176 Broadway etching
1989 Coastline N.J. etching
1989 Window in Provence etching
1989 Wall Street etching
1989 Entrance to the Holland Tunnel etching
1989 Art Auction etching
1989 Sweet Pea – Cat in the Dresser etching
1989 We etching
1989 Alice and Rosy etching
1989 Satchmo etching
1980s The Path etching
1980s Western Highway etching
1980s Board of Directors etching
1980s Laundry etching
1980s Thumb and Blanket – Variations etching
1980s 9th St. Bakery etching
1980s 2nd Ave. Flower Stand etching
1980s Luncheon etching
1980s Pie a la mode etching
1980s Camp etching
1980s Friends etching
1980s Water’s Edge etching
1980s Holly and Roxy etching
1980s Grafton Street etching with hand coloring
1980s Anna’s China Cabinet etching with hand coloring
1980s Cool Papa Bell etching
1980s Night Game in Albany etching with hand coloring
1980s Dressing Room etching
1980s “Everything attracts me here…”Edgar Degas, New Orleans, 1872 etching
1980s St. Charles Streetcar etching
1980s Decatur Street etching
1980s The Claw etching
1980s The Catch etching
1980s Performance etching
1980s Ballet Shoes etching
1980s On Pointe etching
1980s Rehearsal etching
1980s Resting #2 etching
1980s Mesa etching
1980s Greek Diner etching
1980s Deauville etching
1980s White Castle etching
1980s Breakfast in Oaxaca etching
1980s Cookies From Roseto etching with oil pastel & embossment
1980s Elizabeth, NJ etching
1980s Saturday Afternoon etching
1980s Anita Goodzeit in Octogenarians artist book
1980s Aunt May (Frank) in Octogenarians artist book
1980s Uncle Billy (Sumner) in Octogenarians artist book
1980s Anna Chivian in Octogenarians artist book
1980s Philip Frank (Father In Law)in Octogenarians artist book
1980s Alfred Lawrence in Octogenarians artist book
1980s Ray Lawrence in Octogenarians artist book
1980s Fanny Schwartz in Octogenarians artist book
1980s Pauline Goodman in Octogenarians artist book
1980s Cousin Sally Katzenstein in Octogenarians artist book
1980s Isabel Bishop in Octogenarians artist book
1980s The Package etching with stamps
1980s The Claw etching with painting, edition variable
1980s Night and Day etching
1980s Oriental Carpets etching
1980s Downtown Newark etching
1980s Mummer’s Day Parade etching with hand coloring
1980s View of New York From Hoboken etching with hand coloring, edition variable
1980s Balanchine Rehearses the New York City Ballet etching
1980s In the Wings etching
1980s Great Hall – Metropolitan Museum etching
1980s Atlantic City etching
1980s The Claw etching
1980s Entrance to the Holland Tunnel etching
1980s American Sculpture etching
1980s Dugout etching
1980s Night Game in Albany etching
1980s Support America etching
1980s Restless Wave etching
1980s Notable American Authors etching
1980s Book Stores of Cambridge etching with hand coloring
1980s Yoga etching
1980s Sunday Morning etching
1980s Neighborhood etching
1980s The Play etching
1980s Rehearsal, Offstage etching
1980s Lisbon Zoo etching with hand coloring
1980s Manhattan Garden etching
1980s San Francisco etching
1980s Fitting Room Loehmanns etching
1980s Shoe Repair etching
1980s Breakfast – Roger etching
1980s Doll House II etching
1980s Mexican Lady etching
1980s Beach Scene I drawing
1980s Beach Scene II drawing
1980s Beach Scene III drawing
1980s Beach Scene IV drawing
1980s Ann’s Room drawing
1980s Lovers from Holland etching
1980s Interior etching with hand coloring
1980s Lobby etching
1980s Exercise etching
1980s Doll House III etching with hand coloring
1980s Block Island Window etching
1980s Old Man Sleeping in Congress Park etching with hand coloring
1980s Rehearsal – Saratoga etching
1980s Dalia etching
1980s The Bench etching
1980s Waiting Room etching
1980s New York Stock Exchange etching
1980s Revelations etching
1980s Metropolitan Museum of Art IV etching
1980s The Deposition etching
1980s Zoltan the Magician etching
1980s Ella etching
1980s Hats etching
1980s Asbury Park II – Jumper etching
1980s Luxembourg Gardens etching
1990 Loehmann’s – New York etching
1990 London Subway etching
1990 Trading Futures etching
1990 The Mob-New York; The Mob-Chicago etching
1990 The Wood Sandpiper etching
1990 Entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel etching
1990 Ground Breaking Exercises – Daughters of Israel. June, 1932 etching
1990 Saturday Night at the Met I etching
1990 Billboard in Florence etching with collage
1991 The Photograph etching
1991 The Annenberg Collection etching
1991 Chicago Art Institute etching
1991 City Baby etching
1991 Allegro Brillante etching
1991 Cheek to Cheek etching
1991 Lincoln Center etching
1991 Thunderbolt etching
1991 The Cousins Dance at the Wedding etching with chine collé
1991 New York Stock Exchange II etching
1991 The Judiciary Committee etching
1991 Pawtucket Pawsox Warm Up etching
1992 Resting #1 etching
1992 Automat etching
1992 City Dogs etching
1992 The Reading etching
1992 Hospital Waiting Room laser print
1992 Jazz Concert – Newark Museum Sculpture Garden etching with hand coloring
1992 Streetscape – Amsterdam Avenue etching
1992 Mt. Sinai laser print
1993 Red Velvet Dress – Ruby etching
1993 The Pope and His Outfits etching
1993 Hold Still etching
1993 Tea Party etching
1994 Young Mother etching
1994 The Artist etching
1994 Summer Supper etching
1994 Jack Sprat Could Eat No Fat etching
1994 Neighbor’s Cat etching
1995 The Chief Men of the Town… etching
1995 Rush Hour etching
1995 Animal Crackers II etching
1995 Great Grandma – Lunch etching
1995 Three and Two etching
1995 Bette White’s School of Dance etching
1996 New York Life etching
1996 Barbie Dolls etching
1996 Jack & His Outfits etching
1996 Astor Place etching
1996 Remembrance Day, London 1996 etching
1996 Animal Crackers etching
1996 Wine Labels etching
1997 Monet’s Masterpiece etching
1997 Saturday Night at the Met etching
1997 Ruby and Julie etching
1997 France etching
1997 The Chefs etching
1997 The Dancer’s Dresser etching
1997 Elias’ First Steps etching
1997 Paris etching
1998 Window Shopping etching
1998 Merry Go Round – Central Park etching with chine collé
1998 The Bath etching
1998 Angels in the Ocean etching
1998 Flowers at the Met etching
1999 The Walk Home etching
1999 Natchez, Mississippi I etching
1999 Lorman, Mississippi etching
1999 Rose at 99 etching
1999 The Secrets of the Rumba etching
1999 Soho Health Club etching
1999 Ruby and Susan etching
1999 Ruby and the Cockatiel etching
1999 Bowling Green etching
1999 Wall Street etching
1999 Broadway and 46th etching
1999 Trinity Churchyard etching
1999 Anna’ Shoes etching
1999 Feeling the Baby etching
1990s Going to the Nutcracker a la poupée
1990s Parallels etching
1990s Aran Islands etching
1990s The Red Chair etching
1990s Fifth Avenue and Central Park etching
1990s Pie a la mode etching
1990s Luxembourg Gardens etching
1990s Dugout etching
1990s Mexican Quartet etching
1990s Lawyers and More Lawyers etching
1990s Dinosaurs – Museum of Natural History etching
1990s Grandpa and Grandma etching
1990s Remember Pearl Harbor etching
1990s Jack Soto’s Foot etching
1990s Grandpa etching
1990s Ruby’s Hands etching
1990s Miss New Jersey and the Runners Up etching with hand coloring
1990s Shakespeare and his Outfits etching
1990s Ancient Women etching with gold leaf
1990s Powder Room etching
1990s Entrance to the Ferry Slip, Hoboken II etching
1990s Cats etching
1990s Old Baseball Cards etching
1990s The Three Graces, Edinburgh etching with hand coloring
1990s Morning in Deauville etching with rainbow roll
1990s The Tree House etching
1990s Bike Lane, Amerstdam etching
1990s South Beach Art Deco etching
1990s The Jury, Flemington, NJ, 1936 etching
1990s Katie and Her Puppies etching
1990s There Was An Old Woman etching
1990s Lunchtime in Central Park etching with water color
1990s 332 Seymour Ave. – Newark etching
1990s Motel etching with painting
1990s Ladies Night etching
1990s The Last Weaver aquatint on steel with a la poupée
1990s Notable American Women etching
1990s Filene’s Basement etching
1990s Jen’s Porch etching
1990s Breakfast In Padua etching with hand coloring
1990s Line to the Ladies Lounge seragraph
1990s Oaxaco – Mexico etching
1990s Port Authority Streetscape Ninth Ave. and Forty Second St. etching
1990s New York Stock Exchange – Exterior etching
1990s The Haircut etching
1990s Grandma Fanny’s Apron From Russia laser print
1990s August laser print
1990s July laser print
1990s First Steps laser print
1990s Ruby Walking laser print
1990s A Little Fever etching
1990s Confession etching
1990s Seven Ages of Woman etching
1990s Trinity Church etching
1990s Bowery – Between Rivington and Stanton Streets etching
1990s Dance Class etching
1990s Icelandic Horses etching
1990s Art Opening etching
1990s London Bookstore etching
1990s Weequahic Station etching
1990s Gertrude Jekyl’s Garden etching
1990s McCarter Highway etching
1990s Jack Be Nimble etching
1990s Cuban Cigars etching with hand coloring and gold leaf
1990s Galleria – Milan etching with oil crayon
1990s Giotto etching
1990s School Trip at Met etching
1990s Pompeii etching with chine collé
1990s The Mitt etching
1990s Postcards From Venice etching with collage
1990s The Lesson etching
1990s The Bath etching
1990s Manicure etching
1990s Night game etching
1990s Ruby and Katie etching
2000 Manhattan Streets monotype
2000 Outdoor Shower etching
2000 Class Trip etching
2000 Homework etching
2000 Gelati etching with hand coloring
2000 Sewing etching
2000 Elias Drawing etching
2000 Chambered Nautilus etching
2000 Beach Steps etching
2000 Bookstore in Cambridge etching with watercolor
2001 First Snow etching
2001 Country Dogs etching
2001 The Day Before Tuesday etching
2001 Museum of Natural History etching with hand coloring
2001 Makeup etching
2001 Firefighters 9-11 etching
2002 Old Movie Queen etching
2002 The Walk to the Courthouse etching
2002 Art Opening etching
2002 Ruby’s Bath etching
2002 Anna and the Flower Girls etching
2003 Kayak etching
2003 Staple St. Tribeca etching
2003 Lunch at the Met etching
2004 Regarding Degas etching with hand coloring
2004 Postcards from Prague, Vienna, Budapest etching with hand coloring
2004 The Celebrated Couch of Sigmund Freud etching
2004 Moonlight Swim etching with hand coloring
2004 Boating in Central Park lithograph
2004 Pug on the Chair etching
2004 Grab Life lithograph
2004 Eldridge Lighthouse – Alaska etching
2004 Russian Baths etching
2005 Pug and the Chair From Ireland etching
2005 The Scribe etching
2005 My Grandma’s Friends I Visited in the Balcony of her Temple on the High Holy Days etching with hand coloring
2005 Beach Trek etching with hand coloring
2005 Grand Staircase – The Met – Looking Up etching
2005 Van Gogh Exhibition etching with collage
2005 Connamarah Beach Trek etching
2006 Ruby’s Porch etching
2006 Kew Gardens etching with collage and hand coloring
2006 Piano Lesson etching
2006 The Garden etching
2007 Women of the Bible II etching
2007 Matinee – Lincoln Center etching with rolled color
2007 South Orange Train Station etching
2007 Louisiana Swamp etching
2007 Looking at Rembrandts etching
2007 The Nun’s Garden etching with watercolor
2008 Conversation in Venice etching
2008 The Grand Canal – St. Marks etching
2008 Thalia Theatre etching
2008 Rampart St. – New Orleans etching
2008 Dog Obedience Class etching
2008 Reading On the Bridge – Venice etching
2008 Soccer etching
2009 The Psychic of Ocean City lithograph
2009 Sisters lithograph
2009 Viagra lithograph
2009 [Nude] monotype
2009 Bed and Breakfast – Ocean City etching with hand coloring
2009 History of Art etching with watercolor
2010 Uncle Harry etching with hand coloring
2010 Butler’s Pantry etching with watercolor
2010 Symphony etching with rainbow roll
2010 Madame X etching
2010 Coney Island etching
2010 High Line etching
2010 City Garden etching with watercolor
2010 Upper West Side etching
2010 Block Island – Dining Room – Beach House etching with watercolor
2010 The Death of Lincoln etching
2010 Greek and Roman Galleries at the Met etching
2011 New England Wall etching
2011 Ruby at the Boston Museum etching
2011 Grand Central Terminal etching with hand coloring
2011 A Glass of Guinness etching
2011 The Queen of Tarts etching
2011 Bleeker Street etching
2011 Relic – Vidin etching with collage and set type
2011 Saturday Lunch etching
2011 Battery City Promenade etching
2011 Bicycles in Amsterdam [upper plate] etching
2011 The Lady and the Cabbage etching
2011 Stretching etching
2011 Farthingtons at Temple Bar – Dublin etching
2011 Hey Hey Manet etching with monotype
2012 Cezanne’s Garden etching with hand coloring
2012 Peacock in the Window etching
2012 The Stove – Vauvenargues, France etching
2012 Tulips etching
2013 Roseto Clothespin Bag etching with watercolor
2013 The Painted Blue Bunting etching
2013 East Hampton Street etching
2000s The Dumpster etching
2000s Bible Cards etching
2000s Connamarra Pony Show etching with hand coloring
2000s Presidents Day Sale etching with collage and hand coloring
2000s Art Lovers etching
2000s Little West 12th St. I etching
2000s Little West 12th St. II etching
2000s Little West 12th St. III etching
2000s Little West 12th St. IV etching
2000s Little West 12th St. V etching
2000s Duet etching
2000s Brooklyn Heights etching
2000s The Puppetteer – Romania etching
2000s St. Petersburg etching
2000s View – Long Island Expressway etching
2000s Mah Jong etching with collage and hand coloring
2000s Jazzmen etching
2000s Ruby etching with chine collé
2000s The Princess and the Pea etching
2000s Michaelangelo’s Ceiling etching
2000s Country Dogs etching
2000s Bento Box a la poupée
2000s The Gardener etching with hand coloring
2000s Lemon Meringue Pie 2 etching
2000s The Jersey Shore etching with hand coloring
2000s Greenwich Village Sketchbook etching with hand coloring
2000s Happy Hour – Alaska etching
2000s Palermo Baroque etching
2000s Women of the Old Testament I etching
2000s Theatergoers etching
2000s Great Hall – Looking Down etching
2000s Whirling Dervishes – Turkey etching
2000s Dolly on the Pillows etching with hand coloring
2000s Tony Soprano etching
2000s N’Orleans etching
2000s The Red Hat etching
2000s Morning Light etching
2000s Running on the Beach etching
2000s They Once Lived in the Village of Szyplowiec etching
2000s Fireflies etching
2000s Wise Eyes etching
2000s Waiter – Ironbound etching
2000s Dolly etching
2000s Grand Central Teminal etching
2000s Men’s Hat Store – Alburqueque, New Mexico etching
2000s Canal Street etching with hand coloring
n.d. Nannies etching
n.d. Gardener etching
n.d. Family etching
n.d. 1st Winter etching
n.d. The Boot – Sister Mary Martin etching
n.d. Book Stall – Romania etching
n.d. A Kiss on the Beach etching
n.d. Wicker Doll Carriage etching
n.d. The Business Lunch etching
n.d. Piano Lesson etching
n.d. Espresso etching
n.d. Tai Chi etching
n.d. Three Women from Baltimore etching
n.d. Waiting for Wives etching
n.d. At the “Y” etching
n.d. Saratoga Races #1 etching
n.d. Saratoga Races #2 etching
n.d. Saratoga Races #3 etching
n.d. Saratoga Races #4 etching
n.d. Saratoga Races #5 etching
n.d. Saratoga Races #6 etching
n.d. Jockey etching
n.d. Backstage – Saratoga etching
n.d. Boutique – Milan etching
n.d. Montmartre Café etching
n.d. Family etching
n.d. Isadora woodcut
n.d. The Viewing etching
n.d. Aix en Provence etching
n.d. City Party etching
n.d. Brooklyn Heights etching
n.d. South Paw etching
n.d. The Cruise – Greek Islands etching
n.d. The Wedding Dress II etching
n.d. The Wedding Dress III etching
n.d. Monhegan Dock etching
n.d. The Coat etching
n.d. Beach Walk etching with chine collé
n.d. Wave Riders etching
n.d. [Baseball Cards] laser print
n.d. Brahms on the Beach etching
n.d. Ocean City etching
n.d. Window Shopping etching with gold leaf
n.d. Perpetual Care – Montparnasse etching
n.d. Rotary Club Kickoff Luncheon etching
n.d. Anna’s Jewelry Box etching
n.d. Evening Bags etching
n.d. After Manet etching
n.d. Donkey Game etching with collage on marbled paper
n.d. Birthday Party etching
n.d. The Walk   a la poupée
n.d. Upper West Side etching
n.d. Pediatrician’s Office etching
n.d. Lawyers – Palais De Justice etching
n.d. The Womens Room – Musee d’Orsay etching
n.d. Picking Blueberries etching
n.d. Lovers etching
n.d. The Photographer etching
n.d. Dance Class etching
n.d. Bed and Breakfast   etching
n.d. Warm Bath etching
1993 Financial District – Maiden Lane etching
1998 First Ladies etching
1999 Secrets etching
1990s Afternoon in Mafflier a la poupée
1990s Steps at the Met etching with hand coloring
1990s Pine View Motel etching
1990s Financial District III etching
1990s Cape May etching
2000 Postcards from Rome etching
2001 Missing 9-11 monotype
2010 The High Line etching
2010 Manet, Renoir, Monet, Degas monotype with etchings and collage
2010 Eakins, Homer, Calder, Steinberg monotype with etchings and collage
2012 Ocean City etching
2000s Wig Stock etching

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