Welcome to the front page for the podcast projects in FYS 18: Ten Ways to Know Nature. The Lafayette College first-year seminar had two sections, with each one producing a podcast episode about different ways to know nature. The first podcast has seven chapters and runs 61 minutes. The second podcast has five chapters and runs 56 minutes. Both are available below.

Ten Ways to Know Nature Podcast Episode FYS 18-1
Hosted by John Ottinger (as playable on the next line)

Chapter 1 | Consumerism (A. Eglow and E. Lindahl) [Bibliography] [Transcript]
Chapter 2 | Food (L. Gomez and J. Sheng) [Bibliography] [Transcript]
Chapter 3 | Technology (E. Joseph and C. Weyland) [Bibliography] [Transcript]
Chapter 4 | Film (J. Vander Els and M. Karolina Vera) [Bibliography] [Transcript]
Chapter 5 | Art (L. Hunt and S. Nickerson) [Bibliography] [Transcript]
Chapter 6 | Religion (J. Haas and S. McSherry) [Bibliography] [Transcript]
Chapter 7 | Cross-cultural (X. Guo and R. Sun) [Bibliography] [Transcript]

Ten Ways to Know Nature Podcast Episode FYS 18-2
Hosted by Scott Oliveri (in two parts, as play-able below)

Chapter 1 | Art (O. Erdman and M. Leech) [Bibliography] [Transcript]
Chapter 2 | Science (D. Biggers, V. Ghai, and M. Rogalski) [Bibliography] [Transcript]
Chapter 3 | Technology (K. Lewis, C. Maake, and C. Verhoog) [Bibliography] [Transcript]
Chapter 4 | Food (S. Hurley and Q. Yu) [Bibliography] [Transcript]
Chapter 5 | Consumerism (J. Maschio and W. Ye) [Bibliography] [Transcript]

Parts I (36 min, 30 sec) and II (20 min)

My thanks to and appreciation for help from various campus colleagues, including Jason Alley, Sarah Edmonds, Anu Ghai, Alexandra Hendrickson, Justin Hines, Robert Kurt, and Lijuan Xu.   Sincerely, B.R. Cohen and the students of FYS 18
The abbreviated syllabus for the course is available here.

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