Victor NeuroTech product launch & lab expo

Thank you for your interest in attending Victor NeuroTech’s product launch and lab expo. Our product launch will occur on April 22 to 25 in conjunction with Lafayette College’s equally revolutionary and genre-busting theatrical event Frankenstein 2029.
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Frankenstein 2029 explores the eroding boundaries between man and machine and its implications for both the definition and direction of humanity. And given the Frankenstein moniker, you might safely conclude the production is not 100% pro-tech. As such, you might also conclude that no sensible neurotech company would be caught dead associating with this.

But the reality is we at Victor NeuroTech are humans just like you. While we fundamentally believe in the transformative power of technology to better our lives, we recognize the concerns and issues that such change can engender and we welcome the dialogue and opportunity to provide our perspective.

As such we encourage you to learn more about Frankenstein 2029get your tickets and join us April 22 to 25 at Lafayette College in Easton for both the grand unveiling of the production as well as the Victor NeuroTech product line and our Lab open house. We also encourage you to join the twitter conversation, regardless of your point of view, by using #frankie2029.