Creatures & creators

80+ students, faculty, staff & alumni and grant artists immersed in the fields of art, chemistry, computer science, digital media, engineering, English, neuroscience, theater, women’s and gender studies and more came together to infuse Frankenstein 2029 with life, passion and an indomitable spirit.Frankie2029_Group_Photo

Photo credit: Chuck Zovko


Edward W. Ahart ’69
(Victor Neurotech General Counsel)
Board of Trustees at Lafayette; attorney; past chair of Schenck, Price, Smith & King, LLP
Heman Matharu ’18
(Dr. Victor “Frankie” Frankenstein 2029)
Physics, mathematics, and economics
Dana Ahern ’15
Sony Mathew ’17
(Mary Shelley)
English; art minor
Jillian Andres ’16
(Claire Clairmont)
Government and law/psychology
Robert S. Mattison
Marshall R. Metzgar Professor of Art History
Mai Ao ’16
Computer science/art
Toby Maynard
Video media manager, Communications Div.
Mary A. Armstrong
(Mary Wollstonecraft)
Associate professor of women’s and gender studies and English; Chair of Women’s and Gender Studies Program
Angelo Mejia
Senior at Easton Area High School
Luis Aviles ’17
Alex Merriman ’16
Art major, English minor
Candace Beach ’15
Psychology/women’s and gender studies
Sami Meyerson ’15
(Tattooed Lady and Assistant Stage Manager, The Silent Mistress)
Allison Blatt
Operations director, Williams Center for the Arts
Jessica Moody
(Lighting Designer)
Lighting designer from Allentown
Amy Blythe
Program manager, career services
Chanel Mowatt ’17
English/anthropology/sociology major, theater minor
Julia Brennan ’17
(Mary Shelley, Production Designer, Victor Neurotech Hologram)
Maureen Mulrooney
Joseph Bubba
Junior at Easton Area High School
Ben Munisteri
Directs Lafayette’s Choreographers on Campus Initiative; choreographer-in-residence and adjunct instructor of dance
Sean Cavanagh ’18
Madison Murray ’16
Kathleen Clayton
Visiting instructor of English
Mara Natale ’16
(Bride 2029/Dance Captain)
Film and media studies/English
Catherine Corbin ’18
Katherine Nelson ’15
(Forest Creature)
Mario Cozzubbo
Associate director of plant for trades
Cindy Notaroberto
Administrative assistant, film and media studies, and theatre dept.
Rebecca Curran ’16
Anthropology and Sociology/English
Michael O’Neill
Associate professor, department head of theater
Stevie O. Daniels
(Goddess, Birth Myth Hall)
Author, Wild Lawns: Alternatives to the Traditional Front Lawn;
Associate director of college communications
Michiko Okaya
Director of Lafayette art galleries
Cameron Darkes-Burkey ’18
Chemical engineering
Kathleen Parrish (Sparkling Neuron)
Director of content strategy, Communications Div.
Tom DiGiovanni
Pianist and composer, teaches music at Phillipsburg High School
Sohrab Pasikhani ’18
Mechanical engineering
Renan Dincer ’16
Economics/computer science
Rachel Paul ’16
(Assistant Stage Manager, Mary Shelley’s Apartment)
Government/law and art
Lia Embil ’17
Studio art/film and media studies
Danielle Pena ’15
Elena Esch ’18
Mike Pennella
(Web and social media)
Mellon visiting digital artist
Torera Fagbenle ’17
Jennifer Philburn
Marketing director, Williams Center for the Arts; coordinator, Mellon Global Arts Initiative
Bianca Falbo
Associate professor of English, director of the College Writing Program
Allison Reich ’15
(Young Mary Shelley)
Timothy Frey
(Sound Designer)
Sound engineer for Lafayette theater and Williams Center performance series
Rob Root
(William Godwin)
Professor of mathematics
Nestor Armando Gil
Assistant professor of art
Joseph Rothschild ’16
(George Gordon, Lord Byron)
Jorge Daniel Godoy ’15
(Homeless Man)
Mechanical engineering
Luis Schettino
Assistant professor of psychology and neuroscience
Aidan Guilfoyle ’15
(Forest Creature)
Jennifer Schroeder ’15
American studies/art major; health and life science minor
Olivia Hadley ’16
(Forest Creature)
Studio art
Kathryn Schwacha ’16
(Bearded Lady)
English/women’s and gender studies major; music minor
Meryl Hahne ’18
(Assistant Stage Manager)
Jenna Seybert ’15
(Media and public relations)
Integrated marketing and design
Nikelia Haines ’15
Diane Windham Shaw
College archivist, director of Special Collections
Gary Hassay
Lila Silver ’17
Jeff Helm
(Scenic Designer)
Associate professor of mechanical engineering
Wendy Sterling
Gallery assistant, Williams Visual Arts Building
Alexandra “Alex” Hendrickson
College chaplain and director of religious and spiritual life
Joe Swarctz
Artist, custodian
Keaton Holappa ’16
(Percy Shelly)
Mechanical engineering and studio art
Leslie Tintle ’16
Art/environmental studies
Erin Hopwood
(Costume Designer)
Community member
Kristine Todaro
(Sparkling Neuron)
Director of special projects/media relations, Communications Div.
John Hopwood
Community member
Jim Toia
(Director, Walton’s Ship)
Artist, director of Lafayette’s Community-Based Teaching Program
Ed Kerns
(Concept Design)
Clapp Professor of Art, abstract artist
Christiane Conn Tomik ’03
Associate director of alumni relations
Colton Kirkpatrick ’15
Government/law major, religious studies minor
Tatiana Troxell ’16
(Assistant Stage Manager, Walton’s Ship)
Studio art/film and media studies
Gavin Knox ’17
(Victor Frankenstein/co-author, assistant director)
English/psychology major, theater minor
Zach Tysinger
(Technical Director)
Scott Kovacs ’16
(Assistant Stage Manager, The Lab)
Film and media studies
David Veshosky
Associate professor, engineering studies program
Ryan Kraus ’15
(Production Stage Manager)
Government and law/theater
Ha Vu ’17
(Projection designer)
Film and media studies/anthropology and sociology
Marissa Laws ’18
(Caroline Frankenstein, Iceberg Dancer)
Neuroscience major, math minor
Nancy McCreary Waters
(Marta Rose Dupont Tesserae, Lab Coordinator)
Biology professor
Sandy Leavy ’15
(Bouncer, The Silent Mistress)
Economics/medieval, renaissance, and early-modern studies
Suzanne Westfall
Professor of theater
Chun Wai Liew
Associate professor of computer science
Ben Williamson ’16
Art/film and media studies
Adam MacHose
Arts campus technology coordinator
Luke Waynne
Community member, photographer
Kim Malm
Visiting instructor in art department
Lauren Young’17
(Margaret Saville)
Film and media studies/computer science
Kim Maniscalo
Artistic director of dance, Lehigh Valley Charter High School for the Arts
Willem Ytsma ’16
(Prometheus 2029)
Mechanical engineering and art
Gina Marini ’17
(Marketing and public relations, artist)
Eric Ziolkowski
(Old man)
Manson Professor of the Bible; Department head/co-chair of the medieval, renaissance, and early modern studies program
Anna Maria Marzullo
(Sparkling Neuron, Reader)
Piano instructor, music department