Mobile Map

Found yourself lost among the dancing icebergs near Captain Walton’s ship? Wanted a word with the Wise Man in the Place of Innocence? Perhaps you sought young Mary Shelley herself, to find what inspired her famous Frankenstein tale? Frankie App Creators 003 Or maybe you just wanted to learn more about the performance and find out if that really was your professor in the lab? Not a problem, the cool Frankenstein 2029 mobile website and its built-in interactive map had you covered.

Tailored for users to access on their phones, the site helped audience members decide how they wanted to experience the self-guided, multi-venue production Frankenstein 2029. Given life by team leader Ellen Galperin and fellow computer science majors Anthony Baker, Kien Hoang, Raymond Macharia and Louis Wheeler for their senior year capstone project, the site assisted visitors in becoming fully immersed in the experience. Read more about the development of the mobile Frankenstein 2029 site.

Perhaps Victor NeuroTech is right about this whole tech thing after all…