(Westminster, PA) The Lafayette forensics team travelled to Westminster College for the 2022 Pennsylvania state tournament.  For many members of the team, this trip was extra special because it was the first in-person tournament in more than two years!  Traveling together as a team again was a special experience and the team earned NINE state championships!  In addition to winning the tournament, Lafayette won state championships in After Dinner Speaking, Dramatic Interpretation, Duo, Informative, Persuasion, Poetry, and Programmed Oral Interpretation!

The team still has three competitions left; the American Forensics Association national tournament, the National Forensics Association’s championship tournament, and the Interstate Oratorical Association’s championship.  The season is starting to wind down, but there are some big tournaments still to come!

Full results
Parliamentary Debate: 2nd – Josh Hale/Ben Herman, Semifinalist – Ceci Montufar/Baris Yazici
After Dinner Speaking: State Champion – Kelly Mwaamba
Dramatic Interpretation: State Champion – Image Patterson, 2nd – Kelly Mwaamba, 3rd – Danny Demelfi
Dramatic Duo Interpretation: State Champion – Danny Demelfi/Kelly Mwaamba
Extemporanous Speaking: 2nd – Josh Hale, 5th – Michael Sun
Impromptu Speaking: 2nd – James Hixenbaugh
Informative Speaking: State Champion – Shirley Liu, 2nd – Michael Sun
Persuasive Speaking: State Champion – Shirley Liu, 3rd – Kelly Mwaamba
Poetry Interpretation: State Champion – Image Patterson, 3rd – Kelly Mwaamba, 4th – Ronnie Ward
Programmed Oral Interpretation: State Champion – Danny Demelfi
Prose Interpretation: 3rd – Ronnie Ward, 5th – Kelly Mwaamba, 6th – Michael Sun
Rhetorical Criticism: 2nd – Shirley Liu

Individual Sweepstakes: State Champion, Kelly Mwaamba

Team Sweepstakes: State Champions, Lafayette College