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Run Lola Run and Vertigo

One scene that stood out to me was in the casino.  As Lola is cashing out, the camera view pans to the throng of people watching her, continues past them, landing on the roulette wheel, and moving up to the clock. In between the roulette wheel and the clock, there is a painting of the back of a woman and her spiral of hair.  Though the painting is on the screen for a minute or less, I totally noticed the comparison between this painting and Madeleine looking at a painting of Carlotta in vertigo in Vertigo. (I literally wrote in my notes: “painting in casino reminiscent of Vertigo)

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 5.23.16 PMScreen Shot 2015-02-04 at 5.23.33 PM

After I noticed this direct reference to Vertigo, I began to think of other comparisons between the two films. Spirals and spinning are motifs that are directly represented in these two films. Important scenes in each film involve characters running up/down spiral stair cases, filled with fear/anxiety.

Each film also focuses on the idea that different realities might exist, and how things may have been different had we done something differently.  In both Run Lola Run and Vertigo, the main characters, Lola and Scottie, respectively, are given some sort of a chance to do things differently. Lola literally replays the same 20 minutes, and receives  more favorable outcomes, while Scottie has a chance to redo his relationship with Madeleine, now Judy, yet he attempts to turn her back into Madeleine.

I need a little bit more time to truly contemplate all that I watched (this movie was very dense) but overall, I found it to be an enjoyable movie to watch, and it seems like every detail (editing, mis-en-scene) had a purpose.