"eating is an agricultural act" --Wendell Berry, The Pleasures of Eating

Farming in America (2014)

This article is rather dense and long, however, it is very interesting to read as it presents two, opposing sides regarding the broad argument : Overall, are America’s modern-day agricultural practices “good” or “bad”? Based on what we have discussed in class, a great deal of modern-day agricultural practices are flawed and could be improved to support a more sustainable and healthy system. Many of the negative impacts of modern-day agriculture that we have discussed in class are mentioned in this article. As I was reading, I found myself trying to rebut the arguments made by those who stated that the American farming model was a “good” model.




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    I agree this article was so dense, and had so much information, however it was so interesting to think about how America views agricultural practices. There are definitely so many issues surrounding today’s agricultural practices, so it was interesting to read about some solutions/results in this article. I agree in the fact that today’s agricultural model is not in fact good, but something that Congress should focus more tightly on.

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