Honors and Awards

2021 Bloomsburg Show Top Places:

  • Grace McEneaney (Overall High Point Rider)
  • Grace McEneaney (1st Place- Open Flat)
  • Grace McEneaney (1st Place- Open Fences)
  • Anna Paulsen (2nd Place- Limit Fences)
  • Amaya Escandon (2nd Place- Limit Flat)
  • Margo Mukherjee (3rd Place- Limit Fences)
  • Margo Mukherjee (3rd Place- Limit Flat)
  • Emma Sylvester (3rd Place- Novice)
  • Julie Huba (3rd Place- Pre-Novice)
  • Shreya Suresh (3rd Place- Introductory)

2021 Lafayette Show First Places:

  • Grace McEneaney (Open Flat)
  • Daisy Wheeler (Limit Flat)
  • Maggie Sigmond-Warner (Novice)
  • Connor Port (Pre-Novice)
  • Julie Huba  (Pre-Novice)
  • Martin Price (Introductory)

2019 Regional Qualifiers:

  • Justine Perrotti (Open Flat, Intermediate Fences)
  • Grace Nicholas (Novice Fences)
  • Charlie Brownstein (Novice Flat)
  • Emily Benson (WTC)
  • Chloe Meyers (WTC)

2019 Zone Awards:

Champion Intermediate Fences: Justine Perrotti

2019 Nationals Qualifiers:

Justine Perrotti (Intermediate Fences)

2018 Regional Awards:

Newcomer of the year: Amanda Fanning

2018 Zone Qualifiers:

Amanda Fanning (Limit Flat)

2018 Nationals Qualifiers:

Amanda Fanning (Limit Flat)

2016 Regional Qualifiers:

  • Sarah Pavlini (Open Fences and Open Flat)
  • Rebecca Bender (Intermediate Flat)
  • Danielle Wolff (Intermediate Flat)
  • Kayla Birde (Novice Fences and Novice Flat)
  • Olivia Devine (Novice Flat)
  • Meridith Hanlon (WTC)
  • Alienor D’Arenberg (WTC)
  • Jennifer VanderEls (WTC)
  • Monica Meng (WT)

2015 USHJA Zone 3 Awards:

  • Rebekah Scharfe: Champion Overall, Reserve Champion Flat, 3rd Place Open Fences

2015 Nationals Awards:

  • 2015 Nationals: Rebekah Scharfe: 7th Place Open Flat.
  • Sarah Pavlini: 10th Place Intermediate Flat

2015 Regionals awards:

  • Champion Cacchione Cup: Rebekah Scharfe
  • Sportsmanship Award: Shannon Lenahan

American National Riding Commission Intercollegiate Equitation Championship 2015

Team Overall: 6th Place National Division

2015 Zone Finals:

Team Overall: 4th Place

2015 Regionals qualifiers:

  • Rebekah Scharfe (Champion Open Flat and Champion Open Fences)
  • Sarah Pavlini (Champion Intermediate Flat and Champion Intermediate Fences)
  • Nicole Galano (Reserve Champion Intermediate Flat and Reserve Champion Intermediate Fences)
  • Danielle Wolf (Champion Novice Fences and 8th Place Novice Flat)
  • Shannon Lenahan (Novice Fences)
  • Victoria Binz (WTC)
  • Samantha Bocilius (5th Place WT)

2014 USHJA Zone 3 Awards:

  • Hana Isihara: 4th Place WTC
  • Rebekah Sharfe: Champion Overall, Reserve Champion Flat, 3rd Place Open Fences

2014 Nationals Awards:

  • 2014 Nationals: Rebekah Scharfe: 6th place Open Flat, 9th place Open Fences

2013 Nationals Awards:

  • Erin Githens: Coach Sportsmanship
  • Rebecca Folk: Rider Sportsmanship

2013 Nationals Qualifiers:

  • Rebecca Folk, Open (Western)

2013 Zone 3 USHJA awards:

  • MJ Alexander – 3rd place for WT/WTC
  • Sarah Pavlini – 3rd place Overall Flat Rider, Reserve Champion Overall Fences Rider, Champion Overall High Point Rider

2013 Regionals awards:

  • 6th Place Cacchione Cup: Rebekah Scharfe
  • Incentive Award: Helen Xu
  • Sportsmanship Award: Rebecca Folk
  • Newcomer Award: Sarah Pavlini

2013 Regionals qualifiers:
Novice Fences: Rebecca Folk & Sarah Pavlini (6th place)
Novice Flat: Lindsay Marko, Sarah Pavlini (Reserve Champion), Melissa Allen & Olivia Lewis
WTC: MJ Alexander (3rd place)

Year MVP Fences MVP Flat Sportsmanship Rookie of the Year
2014-2015 Rebekah Scharfe Monica Meng Shannon Lenahan Kayla Birde
2013-2014 Rebekah Scharfe Hana Isihara Sarah Pavlini Danielle Wolff
2012-2013 Rebecca Folk MJ Alexander Shannon Lenahan Sarah Pavlini
2011-2012 Alanna Reiner Olivia Lewis Lindsay Marko Rebekah Scharfe
2010-2011 Danielle Miranda Holly Sandelands Christina Chen Lindsay Marko
2009-2010 Danielle Miranda Erin Duggan Rebecca Folk Julie Doyle
2008-2009 Emily Mallory Kelsey Work Kristen Greaney Molly Clarke
2007-2008 Emily Mallory Emily Hanson Brienne Brown Christina Chen
2006-2007 Katie Miervaldis Elanna Spiegel Ashley Tolomer Emily Esteve

Zone 3 Fourth Place Team
Zone 3 Region 4 Champion Team

Zone 3 Region 4 Champion Team

Zone 3 Region 4 Reserve Champion Team

Zone 3 Region 4 Reserve Champion Team
Zone 3 Region 3 Cacchione Cup Champion: Rebekah Scharfe

Zone 3 Region 4 Champion Team
Zone 3 Region 3 Cacchione Cup Champion: Danielle Miranda

IHSA Nationals 10th Place Team
Zone 3 Third Place Team
Zone 3 Region 4 Champion Team

IHSA Nationals 8th Place Team
Zone 3 Reserve Champion Team
Zone 3 Region 4 Champion Team