Overall System Diagram

Below are the list of all the subsystems

TSV(Tractive System Voltage)

  • Battery based power system responsible for providing adequate and accurate current supply to the vehicle.

TSI(Tractive System Interface)

  • Provide interface between motor controller and TSV
  • Determine throttle plausibility and provide isolated signal to motor
  • Read IMD status for tripping safety loop
  • Measure motor voltage and current inputs and sent to VSCADA
  • Manage drive state and respond to startup/shutdown conditions
  • Display system status lights

VSCADA (Vehicle Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)

  • Stores, Displays, and Reacts to CAN bus data.

GLV(Ground Low Voltage)

  • Provide 24V DC to power all low voltage systems
  • Control safety loop and COCKPit indication light


  • Transfers power to each subsystem
  • Connects subsystem to subsystem
  • Labeling and color coding promotes organization
  • Fits subsystem design physically within the car

Cooling System

  • Provides cooling to the motor/motor controller and keeps it at safe temperatures


  • Device for measuring force torque, rotational speed, and power of a motor.
  • Provides simulated road loading of the motor
  • Used to test the interaction of electrical systems before actual integration in the car
  • Controlled by software which also records dyno data, which will be investigated for further modification of certain components on the car