System Demonstration

The LFEV-ESCM 2013 team will hold our final presentation on Friday, May 10 at 11 AM in AEC room 429. Refreshments will be provided after the presentation. A brief demonstration of the system will follow.

Spring Semester

With one semester of experience under their belts, the LFEV Team has an aggressive schedule for the coming semester.  The team consists of returning members John Augelli, AJ Berner, Gerry deBlasi, Jack Fedak, Brendan Flood, Callum Main, and Kevin Schmid.

The team has also added eight more ECEs, Amira Ahsan, Jake Hartwig, Tony Lorence, Nick Orzol, Prarthana Ranjit, Sabbir Siddiqui, Kai Wang, and Simon Wang.

In addition, two mechanical engineers have joined the team: Rijan Maharjan and Ethan Swerdlow.

Please check back soon for a detailed schedule, an updated team photo, and more!


Ethics debate

Today, the LFEV team held their ethics debate: Should Electric Cars be Mandated by 2020? Issues such as environmental impact, reducing dependence on foreign energy sources, and cost of infrastructure were considered. The debate has been filmed and will be posted on the Ethics Debate page as soon as the video is ready.


Welcome to the official website of the Lafayette Formula Electric Vehicle – Energy Storage, Control, and Monitoring System (LFEV-ESCM). From this page, you can find out about all the different aspects of the project as they are completed.