Welcome to Lafayette’s Coeducation Website!  During the 1970’s there was a coeducation movement for Colleges around the country.  This could be attrAlthough this College has been Coed for forty years, it was part of a movement in Colleges all over the country, during the 70’s, to make the switch.  And so, largely in part of the fact that Lafayette would become less competitive if it too did not become coed, the Board of Trustees met on June 27, 1969 to discuss the desirability of admitting women.  The vote, was 19 to 9 in favor of admitting women.  Though there had been female transfer students on campus in previous years, in September of 1970, Lafayette College welcomed it’s first official coeducation class, consisting of 146 women (123 freshmen, and 23 transfers).

Recrtuitment Poster (that can also be used as a book cover!)

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