About me

Very broadly, I am interested in immune function, animal behavior, animal coloration, and nutrition, from physiological, evolutionary, and ecological perspectives. I work with motivated students to investigate the physiology underlying ornamentation, reproductive behavior, eggshell coloration, immune function, and other topics that are driven by the interests of the student. These investigations take place in both the lab and the field, and have resulted in fantastic student-faculty collaborations (video overview)!
Michael Butler Lafayette College
Ph.D., Biology – Arizona State University, May 2012
      Advisor: Kevin McGraw
M.S., Raptor Biology – Boise State University, 2006
      Advisor: Alfred Dufty, Jr.
B.A., Biology and Physics – Bowdoin College, 2002
      Advisors: Amy Johnson and Nat Wheelwright
Michael Butler Lafayette College
My CV (last updated Jan 2024)
Michael Butler Lafayette College
Michael Butler Lafayette College
Lafayette College
320 Rockwell Integrated Sciences Center
Easton, PA 18042-1778
Office phone: (610) 330-5762
Pronouns: he, him, his