It’s Time!

“Do I need a sleeping bag, maybe… maybe not, blanket should suffice right? Did I pack my charger? NEED to find the charger” It’s been a hectic morning and I have packed and unpacked more times than a normal person does. In an hour or so, I will be travelling with my team to Newark, NJ. I’m very excited to share this experience with other Lafayette students and grateful to have been given this opportunity. Although, I have volunteered in other fields, I have never done anything related to hurricane relief. Hurricane Sandy occurred a year ago, but many locations are still struggling from the storm damage. I hope to learn more about the issues related to natural calamities and its effects in the following years. Recovery is an arduous and long process and I’m thankful to be a small part of this recovery.

– Nirupa,

Still looking for the charger…

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