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Hope is Vital – Serving is simply being human

As I am trying to summarize what I have been doing and feeling this week, an amazing quote by Gandhi comes to my mind. “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”, he … Continue reading

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ASB NJ: Rebuild the Shore!

Sunday 3/16 We left Lafayette this morning to start the hour long trip to the Boys and Girls Club of Newark, where we were staying for the week. The issue is disaster relief, specifically Hurricane Sandy relief along the Jersey … Continue reading

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Where has the week gone?

At the end of the first day at Community Servings, I was unsure how I would make it through the rest of the week.  Although the day was enjoyable, the feeling of exhaustion was overwhelming and the thought of starting … Continue reading

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I Wonder What We Do Now?

I struggle with wrapping up our last days in Boston. I’m not sure what I should write, what needs to be conveyed, and most importantly how to convey it. I want readers to leave with a sense of profound understanding … Continue reading

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The Characters That Make Up Our Boston Trip

So I just read the blogs from my past team mates and I realized that, although a lot has been written about our experiences while working at Community Servings, few touched upon the individuals that make this group so unique. And so … Continue reading

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It’s more than volunteering…

Last night the team decided to do a scavenger hunt around Boston which included strange tasks such as planking on a monument,  asking a stranger to buy you milk or my ultimate favorite,  telling a stranger “its nice to finally … Continue reading

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Day Three – Community Servings ASB Boston

How quickly time flies! It is already the middle of the week. This is my third ASB trip, and just like the two previous ones, every day taught me sometime valuable that I will remember for the rest of my … Continue reading

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Day Two with Community Servings

Today was our second day of service with Community Servings! We arrived early today, washed up, and were immediately put to work. While yesterday morning’s task was chopping vegetables, the first part of today was devoted to pies. In an … Continue reading

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Boston’s first day of service!

We’ve been in Boston for a few days now, but because we arrived on Saturday evening, today (Monday) was our first day of service! We were all up bright and early–whether that was by choice or not–and scooted our way … Continue reading

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First Day!

After yesterday’s very exciting arrival to Newark, I spent all night wondering how prepared I actually was for the job my team had set out to do. Here I was, spending my spring break trying to help those who lost … Continue reading

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