All Packed and Ready to Go

So in a few weeks from now (and by weeks, I probably mean days!), someone is going to ask me: “what did you do over spring break?” To that, my response will be, “I helped rebuild New Jersey, of course.” And they – like I was prior to becoming a part of this trip – will wonder, “shouldn’t everything be fixed by now?”

Sadly, no – not everything is fixed. For some natural disasters, it may take years to clean up and rebuild. And for some people, the costs of rebuilding on their own are relatively costly – both in terms of monetary cost and manpower.

That’s where we come in. Tomorrow, (ASB Newark:) What a Disaster! will be joining over 60 other United Way volunteers in efforts to not only provide physical repairs, but also provide a helping hand to children affected by Hurricane Sandy by running various activities for the children to enjoy.

So while I look forward to the eventful week ahead of me, I must get some sleep to be ready in the morning! Until then!

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