Hey everyone! I can’t believe it’s Tuesday already. This week is just going to fly by so quickly. But the fun never ends :D There were a lot more kids today! I definitely got to interact with a few of them and knew their names by the end of the day. I stayed in the art room and painted beautiful drawings with the kids. It was very chaotic but I realized that these kids really crave and need individual attention to grow. The smiles on their faces really brightens up my day :)

I learned a little bit more about the Boys and Girls Club here — usually, around 160 kids per day would walk in through the doors and there are only 3 full time and 4 part time staff employed here. I was so shocked when I learned that. This place is essentially free for the kids — families only pay $14 a year. The mission of the Boys and Girls Club really inspires me and touched my heart. They provide so much for the kids and the families really appreciates everything that they do.

I also grow closer and closer to my team mates every day. I realize that each of them has his/her own unique personality and that’s what makes our ASB Team NJ so awesome!! We each add our own flavor to this trip and the experiences that we make here will always be with us forever :)

Big Shout out to my ASB Team NJ :) Love you all very much <3

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