Today was out first day of service. We woke up, looked out the window to see large white flakes. We travelled 600 miles south only to enounter freezing temperatures and snow! Our service got off on the wrong foot, as the carpenter attempted to use Kofi’s hammer to demonstate our first task, but as he swung the hammer the head went flying. Everyone laughed as the carpenters noticed a smiley face on the now useless hammer head. Throughout the day, we nailed what they told us were walls togeather, although it was tough to visualize how it would fit togeather. We are supposed to put them up tomorrow. We put the frame together for two walls of the house.
After the service, we returned to the cabin and cooked dinner. After we ate, We watched a documentary about a coal strike in the 1980s and the impact of coal on the population. Overall, it was an awesome second day in Hazard and i can’t wait to continue working on the house tomorrow.

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