post-trip thoughts

Almost a month after our departure date, I find myself still constantly thinking about our trip to Honduras (not only because I’m still taking my malaria medication).  What we experienced on our trip can’t be put into words, but I will try my best.  Each day we embarked on a journey to a rural village in southern Honduras, where our team was responsible for setting up and operating a health clinic.  At all times, I felt immersed in the Honduran culture, whether it be playing with the children waiting at the clinic, or filling prescriptions in the farmacia.  Overall, the trip was incredible, and we have done our best as a team to realize that the issues of poverty, malnutrition, and poor/lack of healthcare are not isolated in Honduras, but exist in our country as well.  We are working on our reorientation project to bring these issues home and inform the campus about our transformative experience!

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