Post trip Reflection

Honduras was in one world–humbling. Experiencing an under-developed country firsthand and facing the daily struggles and problems that the natives faced was an amazing experience. I am so glad I decided to go on the trip, it was well worth it.

It feels like only yesterday I was spending my 19th birthday there and getting beaten by a piñata. I remember waking up at six am just to get to the clinic on time. I was always remember the pulling of teeth that the dentist allowed me to do. Not only did I first inject the gums with anesthetics, but then uprooted and pulled out two teeth from an older woman. I remember her vividly because she only had about three teeth on the right side of her mouth, I pulled two teeth from the lower front side of her mouth, and she had about only six teeth left of her left side.

By the end of the trip I was severely sunburned, but I did not care. I just kept thinking about how much of a difference us Lafayette students made in Honduras and will forever be remembered among the natives. It was not just Rosa or the little children that we will never forget, but they will never forget us. Americans are a rarity in southern Honduras and I just hope that our warm white smiles will always be remembered among the people. I had a great time and the best birthday ever.


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  1. Wow. You’re absolutely right. I can only imagine how much you guys mean to them and vice versa. Honduras sounds amazing!! :)

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