I am about to leave for JFK Airport with Jacmel, Haiti as my final destination.  This will be my third ASB trip and my first time as a team leader.  My first two trips were to Ecuador and to a small town in Appalachia, Virginia.  What I learned from both trips was that each one had a significant and profound, yet different affect on me.  Ecuador opened my eyes culturally, while Appalachia had a more personal connection to the family that we helped.  Although I do not know what Haiti holds for me, I am confident that it while have a much larger affect on my life than any other ASB trip I have done.  Our work promises to led to cultural and personal interactions with the people of Haiti.  Despite the nerves that have been building as the trip has drawn closer, I know that they are a result of the challenges that my team and I will encounter and overcome together, while also rising to our own struggles.

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